Monday, March 13, 2017

Christmas Eve at Cowboy & Bee's

After we left Baba and Ooh-Daddy's house on Christmas Eve, we headed next door to Cowboy & Bee's (my parents) house for Christmas with them & Aunt Feather & Uncle Ellis.  We had such a fun time & it was so good to just hang out, play games, open presents, and eat together!

As soon as we got to Mom & Dad's, this is what I saw..... 3 little girls snuggled up with a Feather:

The tree & gifts:

This year we played the saran wrap ball game.... I don't think that's the technical name, but it was so fun.  We all passed it around and as soon as the person beside you rolled a number with the dice you had to pass it on to them. While it was your turn you tried to unwrap as much as you could. There were all kinds of things wrapped up.  It was so fun! I wish I had a video of us.

Unwrapping stockings & gifts.  Apparently I only photographed my children & not the rest of us... but we all got gifts too:

We had such a fun time!  So thankful for a fun family to spend time with.

Christmas Eve at Baba's 2016

So normally we all get together on Christmas morning at Baba & Ooh-Daddy's (my maternal grandparents) for a big breakfast & then to open stockings.  This past year Christmas fell on a Sunday, so since we would all be getting up to go to worship Sunday morning we decided to just pretend that Christmas Eve was our Christmas morning at Baba's.  Here are a few pictures from our time together:

Love that these stockings are very much vintage. They've been around forever... literally as long as I can remember. 
 The Farrar clan:

Gotta get that bow on for pictures!
 Turner clan:


Getting everyone ready for a first ever large group shot:

Okay.. here we go... the Tholcken clan:

The original Tholcken crew:

Overall it was loads of fun!  It was a morning well spent with great food, lots of laughs, and wonderful family!