Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Homemade Christmas Cookies 2016

Of course continuing our tradition, we made homemade cookies & frosting again this year.  This year I was a little less controlling and actually let them do all the baking themselves!  Here are pictures from the festivities:

I mean that face though.... So sweet!


{needless to say Preslee had sprinkles for days when we decorated!}

Such fun memories we make every year! So blessed to get to spend time with family having fun!

Kennedie's Class Christmas Party

Unfortunately Kennedie started feeling bad the day of her Christmas party.  She went to school, but by the time I got there she just was not doing good. I could tell she wasn't feeling well, but she did not want to leave. She was looking forward to the winter party so much.  They were supposed to go through a rotation with different games in each classroom and snack and activity.  We made it through the first one and left in the middle of the second.  Here are the pictures I got from the day:

Another sweet mom snapped this picture of us right before K decided she was ready to leave {you can see how she is just not feeling well at all}:

And that's it. Because we left. Poor girl was down for a few days after this.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sawyer is 5!

I can't believe that my Sawyer Sue is five years old today.  This blows my mind!  It's so hard for me to look at her & not see her as my little baby girl.  Five is such a big number in my head.  It marks the year of Kindergarten & leaving toddler-life behind.

Here is a little about my BIG girl from her perspective.  It's an interview I conduct each year to see how she changes:

-How old are You? 5
-What makes you happy? When I go to school & when Daddy's home.
-What is your favorite animal?  Doggies & cats
What is your favorite thing to eat? Everything. I like desserts, and cookies, and spaghetti, and soup.
- What is your favorite thing to do? Watch TV.
- What is your favorite TV show? Care Bears.
- What are you really good at? Coloring & painting.
-What is your favorite movie? Mary Poppins
What is your favorite color? Purple, and pink and turquoise with all the sparkles on them.
What is your favorite song? "It's your breath, in our lungs so we pour out our praise, we pour out our praise to you only God...."
Who is your best friend? Mae and Chantzlyn and Daddy
- What do you and Mommy do together? We do homework and make desserts
- What do you and Daddy do together? Play playdoh & go to stores
What is your favorite sport? Swimming
- Where is your favorite place to go? Chick-fil-a
-What is your favorite book? Finding books
What do you want to be when you grow up? A mom.
-What is your favorite Bible verse? "Two people are better than one. They can help each other in everything they do." - Eccl 4:9 
What is your favorite toy? The camera.
- Who loves you? My family and Jesus.

{If you want to see her answers from previous years, click HERE to read when she turned 4, and click HERE to read when she turned 3.}

I love doing these yearly interviews with my babies to see how things change from year to year.  It's so hard to wrap my brain around 5 years old. This girl has flipped my world upside down with a crazy love that's so unexplainable. Here's a little about my girl from me:

Sawyer Sue:
- You are so smart!  You know all your letters and are learning how to sound out letters to put words together.  You are just starting to read a few words.  I'm so impressed with how quick you learn things.  You can also write your name all by yourself!
- You have really loved being at First Baptist Learning Center this year.  You love your teachers and you love to go to school.
- You still play so great by yourself.  I think you are pretty independent and don't need anyone else to entertain you.  Sometimes I think you actually prefer being by yourself and having "alone time" as you like to call it.
- You are such a great sister. You play so well with your big sister, but also your younger sisters too.
- You are growing so much spiritually too. I love to hear all about the things you learn in Bible class and I can see how you are trying to process things.  I love when you tell me about how God and Jesus love you.  I love that you know that truth already.
- You are wearing some size 4 clothes still, but have also been wearing lots of size 5 things already. You are so tall & your feet are the same size as Kennedie's now!
- You love all things dealing with food. I think you may be my little chef one day. You love to know what we are eating, what I am cooking, and how you can help.
- You are such a great swimmer!  Last summer you were able to do some swimming without your life jacket and I was so impressed with how well you were doing all on your own. Let's hope this summer goes just as good!
- You love to play babies. I think this is still your favorite thing to do.  I love to watch you pretend to be a Mommy and work in your kitchen to cook for your "family" and stroll your baby on walks around the living room. One day you will be the best Mommy ever!
- Sometimes you will get a little anxious if you know the attention will be on you. Right now you don't enjoy the spotlight and will easily get embarrassed if something draws attention to you (like Daddy coming to read to your class or Mommy helping with a class party).
- You have never been a huge TV or movie fan, but lately you have started enjoying sitting down a vegging out some.
- You still nap on the days that you are home with me and the little girls nap. But, you are fine if we skip your nap too.
- You go to bed at night about 7:30 and wake up about 6:30.   I will say that if you are tired at night you do tend to "melt down" some and have a hard time doing anything. You become our little snail who we have to do everything for.  You all of the sudden will not be able to do anything because you are "so tired."
- You like to ride bikes and swing outside.
- You love pizza and all things dessert!
- You have really started to help out more around the house without being asked. It's so sweet to see you helping clean up without Mommy or Daddy even asking. I love your servant heart.
- You are also so compassionate. You are quick to remember to apologize if you hurt someone, and you also remember to pray for those who need healing or who are sad.

Sawyer Sue, my heart doesn't even know how to handle all the love I have for you. You are such a sweet and gentle soul and I love being with you. You are smart and caring and attentive. You make me so incredibly happy and so incredibly proud to be your Mommy. You are independent and patient. I'm so thankful that last night you let me cuddle and rock you extra long as a four year old.  I will continue to treasure each moment I get with you. My biggest prayer is that you'll continue to grow in your faith. That you'll learn more and more about the Father's great love and that you'll decide one day to give yourself to him wholy and freely & bask in the richness of His grace & share His love with others.  You are my star shining brightly in the night.  You bring me so much joy Sawyer Sue and I'm so thankful that you call me Mommy. You are a gem sweet girl.  Your my girl and I love you so!

A little walk down memory lane....