Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Random Jan. 2017- Feb. 14 2017

Well, I wasn't sure if we'd ever make it into the year 2017 on the blog posts... Ha!  Considering it's practically June ... it's crazy I'm so far behind in blogging.  I mean... I know I'm always behind, but I've never been this far behind until now!  Oh well.   Here are a few random shots from the beginning of the year:

We had a day at the beginning of the year where it briefly "snowed:"

Kennedie & Daddy went on a pom-pom date.  They went ice-skating together:

Girls playing in the toy room:

Lunch time!  One of the first times Chantzlyn was trying to learn how to use a spoon. So cute!

Chair sitting, baby playing, sister loving:

Picture from Sawyer's school Valentines party.  I was in charge of it, so this was the only picture I snagged:

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