Sunday, May 7, 2017

Chantzlyn is 19 Months Old Today

I can't believe this little ray of sunshine is already 19months old!  Closer to TWO than ONE!   She is my little firecracker these days--- always ready to go! Time flies when you're having fun- that's for sure!

Chantzlyn Hope:
- You have started talking up a storm!  You try to repeat almost everything these days, even if it sounds nothing like what you're trying to say!
- You LOVE to play outside.  Front yard, back yard, side yard, park, it makes no difference to you!  Outside is the best place to be.  Your skinned knees are a sign of the fun you try to have while outside!  You definitely want to run to keep up, but your little legs don't go as fast as you want sometimes & you crash and burn on the sidewalk.
- You are in a bit of a picky stage with food. You will most certainly opt out of meal time if there's not something you love on your plate.
- You are into everything!  Whether it's my bathroom drawers,  your closet, or the toy room-- you just want to get into it all!
- You LOVE Henry!  He is one of your favorites for sure.  You will just walk up to him and lay your head on him and say, "Awwww," as you try to hug him. He's for sure your buddy!
- You want to play right in the middle of the big girls.  No matter what they are playing, you want to play too-- barbies, babies, puzzles, crayons... I'm pretty sure you think you are 7.
- You are for sure a Daddy's girl... with a side of a Momma's girl!  You love, love, love your Daddy.  It's so sweet to watch you melt into his arms and just bury your head into his chest!  I also love when you cuddle up in my arms at nap time.  I've even been SO blessed with you still falling asleep in my arms at nap time a few times this past month when you were really tired.  Oh, be still my heart.
- You are currently wearing size 12 months, but watch out 18 month clothing she's after you soon! Sweet girl is putting on some weight & still has this tiny little leg crease in your thigh that I could just gobble up it's so sweet!
- You are in between shoe sizes-- some 3's and some 4's.
- Diaper size 4.
- You are taking one big nap still mid morning with a short afternoon nap as needed. You go down about 7:30 and wake up about 6:30.
- You love riding in the stroller to take "Ne-Ne" to school or pick her up.
- You LOVE your sisters!  It's so sweet when we pick up Sawyer from school or Kennedie.   You will run to meet either of them & give them the BIGGEST hugs ever!  You just get SO excited to see them!  You LOVE Preslee too-- she's your best bud.... you two together are trouble!  Y'all are the best of playmates one second and at each other the next!  Best friends in the making!
- You LOVE Bible class!  You love to make animal noises and pat your Bible! You love to see your buddies: Everett, Caroline, MollyAnna, Lily, and Reese!
- You have started to throw tantrums some.  You will lay on the ground and kick and cry when you don't get your way.  You have also started making this "spitting," sound when someone tells you something you don't like. We have really had to get on to you for the "spitting."   On a similar note I have to keep myself from not smiling when you start to throw a tiny tantrum.. when you make this super cute little pouty face & scrunch your nose up and furrow your brow and stick your hands up in your arm pits. ... I about DIE every time. It is SO.CUTE.
- If I ask you where someone is, you will also make your eyes big, look around, and hold up your hands in the "where?" position! Sweetness overload! And you make an "Uh" sound while looking.
- You have really started trying to crawl up onto things this month- couch, beds, stepstool, chairs, wagon. Most of the time you are too short to get up on your own, but you sure do try!
- If someone gets an "Ou-ee" you will look so concerned and say, "Ouuuu" and give a hug. You are so thoughtful!
- You still call all shoes, "cocs" for "Crocs."  It's so funny! You'll be holding a Barbie and pointing to her shoes calling them "cocs." Or you'll get Mommy or Daddy's shoes and hold them up and say, "cocs."  You just crack us up... because whether it's high heals, tennis shoes, sandals, or flip flops they are all "cocs."

Precious Chantzlyn, I can't believe that you are getting so big! My heart feels like it could explode when I look at you.  My heart melts when you give me your sweet smile!  Your eyes light up with excitement when you are happy & there's nothing better! I just love your sweet little personality and how your eyes will widen and look around when I ask you a question.  Your facial expressions are priceless & I love how you just soak up all that's around you. You are SO smart and always looking to learn something new.  I love your adventurous spirit.  Sweet girl, you make me so happy and I feel so blessed to get to love you.  You are my girl, that's for sure! 

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