Monday, April 17, 2017

Christmas Morning 2016

Let's just pretend I'm going to get caught up on my blog for a second.... Ha!  Yes, Easter was yesterday, but lets go back to Christmas!  I try to take a picture of the girls all together in front of the tree right before they go to bed on Christmas Eve.  This year since we had a LONG day of festivities it was really tricky.  The best picture I got was a blurry mess... Oh well, it is what it is:

I normally get a picture of the cookies that the girls leave out for Santa, but I was slacking this year & just got the finished product after Santa indulged:

This year Santa brought the girls a huge Barbie dream house:

Here are a few pictures of the girls on Christmas morning  {don't mind that there are no pictures of Sawyer & Preslee... they de-clothed themselves through the night & I didn't think it appropriate to put pictures of them up, but they were there & just as excited as the other two!}:

After opening up Santa gifts we got ready for worship & headed out the door to celebrate out Lord with our church family! 

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