Friday, April 7, 2017

Chantzlyn is 18 Months Old Today

I can't believe this girl is already 18 months old today!  I really can't believe that as of tomorrow she'll be closer to two that one!  How is that even possible?  Oh man.. I love her so much.

Chantzlyn Hope:
- You are on the move!  It's so hard to keep you in one place, because you are just on the go!  It's so cute!
- You have really started talking up a storm lately.  You will try to say words even if they don't sound anything like they are supposed to. The cutest thing you've been saying is "Eeh- rey," for our new dog, Henry.  You sure do love him. You also call all shoes, "cocks," for "crocks."  Clearly the girls wear a lot of crocks because that's what all her shoes are called now, and she doesn't even have her own pair of crocks! Ha!"
- You still are doing great at Bible class.  You love to go & learn & the teachers are always so impressed with how you say, "Bible."
- You have started to try to "play" with your sisters and not just beside them.  Y'all are all having to learn how to get along... that you can't just take their toys, and that they have to be patient with you. {And Preslee can't take your toys!Lol!}
- It's a hard age in the Howard house.  It's the point where you learn to eat what everyone else is eating and if you don't finish your food there is no dessert.  No more pointing to more of the carb on your plate and only eating that... time to expand your horizons & learn to eat it all. It's a long process, but we know you'll learn to eat a variety of foods.  Your sisters all went through the same phase, but they've all come out the other side the best eaters because of it-- salads, brussels sprouts, broccoli, spaghetti squash, cabbage.... we eat it all!
- You are getting bigger, but in comparison to other 18 month olds (and your sisters stats), you are still so small.
- You are currently in 12 month clothes and about a size 3 shoe.  You are still in size 4 diapers.
- Your little blond hair is still slowing coming in. I love that you'll be bald practically like I was until your two! Ha!
- You are starting to use your spoon or fork a little more, but your primary means of eating is still by using your hands. Get it girl!
- This month you have started to throw some tantrums.  You will throw yourself down on the ground and just scream and cry sometimes if you don't get your way. {Sometimes Mommy has to try hard not to laugh because it is pretty silly sometimes.}
- You have become a climber.  You love steps and trying to go up and down. You also figured out how to climb onto the fireplace and off the fireplace by yourself. You also know how to stand on the step stool to brush your teeth... but you haven't quit figured out how to get down yet.

My precious one, you are at such a fun age full of wonder and inquisitiveness.  You are like a little sponge soaking in all the world around you.  Your smile and your laugh bring so much joy to me.  You are fun and pretty laid back with a bit of stubborn thrown in there too. Today I held you and rocked you in my arms for a long time before nap time. It's a  rare occasion now a days to get the joy of you falling asleep in my arms, but you did today... you wrapped your arms around me and burrowed your little head down and you just fell asleep cuddled up in my lap. It's like you knew I needed a little more baby loving today as you ushered in a new milestone and waved a little more "baby years" goodbye. Thank you. You are more than I deserve and I can't imagine my life without you. I love you baby girl. 

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