Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chantzlyn is 16 Months Old

I can't believe my little "baby" is getting so big!!  Look at that precious grin!  She is such a doll & she is growing up so fast!  So many milestones this month!!

Chantzlyn Hope:
- Girlfriend, you hit such a big milestone this month... WALKING!!!!!  What?!  So, so, so proud of you!  January 13, about a week after hitting 15 months old you took a few steps all on your own!! You were all fussy one night and Daddy was holding you on the couch and I walked over and knelt down a few feet in front of y'all.  Daddy stood you up (you were screaming because you were so mad!) and I held out my hands.  Daddy balanced you and then you walked straight to me (3 steps) with your hands out.  It was so AWESOME!  We cheered & clapped and you were still a hot mess of fuss, but we were so proud! Since then you have really started to try to walk more and more each day.  Your primary means of transportation is still crawling, but you have figured out how to stand and move on your feet. It's so fun to watch you try.  You get so proud of yourself!  I figure within a week or two you'll only be wanting to walk.
-You have started to try to feed yourself with a spoon.  You do not want ONE bit of help eating. You want to do it all on your own.  We have to strip you down naked so you don't get food all over your clothes, or roll your sleeves up, put on a bib, and lay a towel in your lap.  You really don't know how to use your spoon at all, and you don't even want to try. You do however want it EVERY TIME we eat.  You like to hold it in one hand and kind of stab your food around with it and then grab a huge bite with the other hand and shove it in your mouth. You are so predictable and it is SO cute!
- Speaking of eating, you pretty much eat everything that we eat.  You hate to eat anything different than the rest of us. 
- You love your sisters SO much. I know I write this almost every month, but you really do. It's so sweet to see the different connection you have with each of them.   You also love to point at pictures that they are in. My heart melts every time I see you guys loving on each other.
- You are wearing size 12 month clothes and shoes are just so hard still. Most fall off because your feet are just so tiny.   You have to wear baby shoes that are like 6-12 month.  A few size 2 shoes fit.
- You have moved up to a size 4 diaper. 
- I really think you understand most of what I say to you. If I ask you a question or tell you to do or not to do something, almost every time you respond appropriately.  
- Language is a little trickier. You are trying to copy and say most things. New words, "eye," and "Bible."  I still try to get you to say, "Ma-ma" and you look at me grin and say, "Da-da" as loud as you can and then laugh! You are such a stink!  I know you can say it, but for now it keeps us all laughing!
-You still take about a 2 hour nap in the late morning and then a 30 minute to hour nap in the afternoon. You go down at night about 7:00 and are up in the morning about 6:30.
- Seems like you are having more hair come in.  You have the tiniest little curl in the very back bottom of your head- right above your neck. It's so cute!  It's all still super blond. 
- I think you have 12 teeth currently.  Again, so hard to get a good look in your mouth. 
- Lately while we are holding you, you will lean over to get your face right in front of ours to get a good look. It's so sweet. It's like you are trying to study us and you look right at us with the happiest little grin.
- Of course my favorite thing is still your complete generosity with your kisses. I love how you will initiate all on your own to give kisses now. It melts my heart every single time. I have no doubt it's your way of saying, "I love you."  Sweetness.

Sweet, precious, angel baby of mine... I love you more than you could ever know. My heart swells up when I think about how much love I have for you. You make me smile every day!  You are such a little cuddle bug and I will never tire from how you feel in my arms.  You make me so proud with all that you are learning lately!  You are so incredibly beautiful and so incredibly sweet. Your heart is so soft and so loving. Sweet girl, I hope you continue to learn all about God and Jesus and their great love for you and that you will walk in the light of the truth.  May you feel HIS love in us and through us.   I love you more than I could ever put in words and I'm so proud to be your Mommy. 

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