Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sawyer's School Halloween Party 2016

For Halloween this year, Sawyer's new school did a costume parade.  All the kids walked through as the parents joyfully oohed & awed over them & snapped millions of pictures.  Luckily Sawyer was one of the first classes & so I snagged some pictures and rushed the other two girls home for a quick nap & lunch before we rushed back up to her school for her Halloween party. 

Here are the little girls waiting on big sister to come by {notice snacks in tow as to prevent meltdowns}:

And here she comes... the star.... the bee who refused to wear the cute hat with antennas! Lol!  And I'm pretty sure through these shy grins there is a frown waiting to happen.  Sweet girl is not one on attention, but isn't she the cutest ever?

Here are pictures from the party that we snagged.  She totally ditched the costume by then... I figured:

We came home & I snagged a few more of my cutie:

She was trying to take my picture while I took hers. Lol!
And then she wanted one with sister-bear:

Fun times were had by all & I think we avoided any major melt downs! Ha!

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