Monday, January 30, 2017

Santa 2016 & Jingle Jam

After getting home from Abilene, our Christmas festivities continued on.  We got home & got the girls changed into their Christmas dresses & headed up to the church to help with our church's Angel Tree program & to meet Santa.  I love that my girls have their Santa picture made each year with our special Santa from church.

Let's start with the fact that everyone was proving to be in good moods & they were in their Christmas dresses.  I decided to go ahead and get "Christmas morning" pictures in their dresses. Yes, it was a week early, but honestly I knew Christmas morning would be a craze and I wasn't sure they'd be in as good of moods, so "win" for getting them done early:

Standing didn't go as good as sitting, but we tried. 

And for nostalgia purposes.... here's last year.  Look how little they all were-- especially Chantz:

Then off to see Santa & Mrs. Clause.  Y'all-- best Santa picture to date!  All smiles:

Again... memory lane.  Here they were last year:

As soon as our Angel Tree festivities were over we had Jingle Jam {our Christmas musical}.  Let's just say this year was a complete TURN-AROUND from last year for Kennedie. Do you guys remember Camelot?  Y'all. Kennedie would cry every single practice & wouldn't do a thing.  This year she was living the dream every week at practice & couldn't wait to get on stage to do her thing. Part of me worried she might clam up & struggle, but no. She was AWESOME!  SO proud of her!


Y'all. Did you see her in that video. Living it up!

Sweet girl also got to be a sheep in a skit after:

Cutest sheep I've ever seen!

Then after we got a picture of her signing autographs for everyone:

Such a fun night!  I was so proud of my girl!  Crazy how much difference a year can make!

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