Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Random + Thanksgiving

Here are a few random pictures from the fall:

Kennedie went to a tie dye party for a friend and had a blast!
K is in the navy shirt at bottom

K is far right- birthday girl is far left (full face, not cut off)

K is in the stripes to the right

Finished product-- she was so proud!

We went to Ice at the Gaylord Hotel.  Someone from church had some tickets and they were not able to go, so they were so generous and passed them onto us.  Thank you Brumleys! Lets just say it was cold. And Chantzlyn was OVER it by the time we actually made it through the line & to the cold part.  After a family picture, I just ran through with her & Lantz stayed in a little longer with the older girls. 

Chantzlyn decided that she liked baths, and instead of screaming every time we put her in the water she went to all smiles {and screaming when we took her out!}:

We decorated the Christmas tree before we left to go out of town for Thanksgiving.  K & S wanted a picture after, so here they are:

We went to Pampa this year for Thanksgiving to celebrate with Mike, Kristal {Lantz's sister}, Braxton, Cason, and Mikalie.  We had a great time just relaxing and spending time with family.  We went on some walks, enjoyed a few runs, took the girls swimming, went to the gym and played basketball, did some reading, of course did some eating, and just enjoyed hanging out together.  And of course out of all that I only got a few pictures. Boo!  Here are the handful I got:

The girls put cots out on the front porch & enjoyed cuddling up & hanging out.  

That's it.   That's all I got. Isn't that pathetic?  We were just having too much fun I guess.

Here are some random shots of the girls that were floating around my photo albums:

It's not so bad being behind on my blogging.... I get a chance to walk down memory lane!  Ha!

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