Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fall Break Vacation

As soon as Chantzlyn's birthday party was over I literally packed us & we left for a family getaway for the week of fall break.  I seriously left her party stuff up, threw the extra cupcakes in a storage container for the car ride, and packed all 6 of us for a week trip.  We threw the girls in the car around 7:00pm and headed for our first stop (6 hours away) in Pampa, TX to stay with Lantz's sister & family.  (They recently moved from College Station to Pampa.)

We had a whirlwind of a week planned & didn't have time to waste.  I didn't bring my camera, so Lantz's iPhone was our official device for documenting.  Get ready for picture overload!

We spent all day Sunday with the Floyd family (my sister-in-law's fam).  It was good to hang out with them for a day.  Monday morning we got up and re-packed & headed to Glorieta, New Mexico outside of Sante Fe.

Lantz snagged this picture of Sawyer & Preslee that morning all snuggled up before we woke them:

So sweet!  

We went to Camp Glorieta because they host a minister's getaway for a few days for just ministers & their families.  It was a long drive, but completely worth it.  We had such a great time!

The older girls helped unload.  We stayed in a building set up like a hotel.  It was so nice:

After unpacking we had gourmet burgers on a lawn & then went on a tour of the facilities.  We got to stop at the foam pit & the big girls & I jumped in for some fun:

Daddy & Sawyer on the tour:

Second foam pit stop. Chantzlyn got in on the action:

Kennedie made a high jump in with the bigger kids:


Later in the day we were able to drop the younger two girls at childcare & take the older girls zip-lining.  To be honest I didn't think that Sawyer would end up going.  Kennedie is very adventurous & I knew she would love it, but Sawyer is much more cautious & I thought she would back out once she saw it.  

Here we all are after getting set up before we went up to the roof.  {The zip line went from the roof of one building into the forest to the ground.}

Okay... so we headed to the roof, and I just knew that once Sawyer saw the full view she would change her mind..... I honestly don't think she really knew what she was doing.  But here we all are getting strapped in & ready.  The cool thing is that there were 4 zip lines, so we could go all together.

Here is the view of where we were headed:

As you can barely see, there was a drop off to the top of the roof & then the big drop from the actual roof to the ground.  I think all Sawyer saw was the small drop to the top of the roof... not really the long drop from the building down. 

Kennedie was so excited!  Sawyer was hesitant, but all smiles (again, I think they were both clueless).  Lantz didn't video the trip, but we all did it!  Both my girls jumped & zip-lined without any tears & even smiles!  Sawyer did have a moment after we passed the roof line where she looked down, grabbed the line tighter and turned her body around (I think she was thinking she was going to go back), but realized at that point it was too late to do anything- so she looked at us & just did it!  

I was SO, SO, SO proud of both my girls, but really of Sawyer.  It took so much for her to do this!  
Here were are after:

They looked so big walking back after the zip line:

As soon as we were done we asked the girls if they wanted to go again & Kennedie screamed, "Yes!" Sawyer said, "No."  I knew it scared her & I wasn't surprised by her answer.  I told Lantz that I wish we would have videoed it.  Then we asked Sawyer if she would go again so we could video it.  She said no again, but then I started listing off family members who we could show the video to if we went again.  She thought about it and then said, "Can we show it to Mikalie?"  {Cousin} We said yes & she was like, "Okay!"  

WHAT!?  We convinced her to go again!  I could not believe it!  My jaw about hit the ground!  

Y'all.  My baby girl decided to go again. I was so incredibly proud of her.  Lantz filmed.  Here we are the second time:


Y'all. SO proud! 

Here are my BIG girls after- {Cuties!  One of my favorite pictures!}:

Video of sweet girls:


We asked them if they wanted to go again & Sawyer was out.  She had had enough & there was no convincing.   Kennedie was HOOKED!  She LOVED it & wanted to go again.  So, she & I went together while Daddy & Sawyer watched.  We decided to do "no hands" this time & she was up for the challenge.


We headed off to pick up the little girls & then ate a yummy dinner.  All the girls were wiped out. Mommy got some good snuggles:

The next day after a super yummy breakfast we headed to the "Big Swing" located in a huge auditorium.  We took all the girls with us, and thought that the older two would be able to participate again, but they were about 5 pounds too light.  We had another couple with young girls keep an eye on our 4 while Lantz and I went & then we watched their girls while they went.  Here we are:

Here is the video (clearly we know where Sawyer gets her scaredie-catness from! Ha!):

We had a blast & the girls enjoyed watching us.  Before lunch we headed on a hike with the girls to see two tree houses.  Here are pictures:

Preslee passed out in the stroller on the way back for lunch & slept through eating:

That afternoon the camp opened up their "zip drop" for a few hours & had childcare available.  We asked Sawyer if she wanted to zip line like yesterday, but she was out. She decided to stay with the younger girls & play in the foam pit.  The line was pretty long for the zip drop so Lantz & Kennedie went together first & I watched.  It was basically a zip line that dropped you down as you slide across.  Does that make sense?  It was actually way scarier than the zip line because you had to jump off the platform. Ah!  Here are K & Lantz:

What!?!  She is SO brave, y'all!  I'm so proud of this girl!!!  So the line died down a bit and the three of us went again. Y'all. I was so scared. Ha!  I was waiting for K to go before I went!  I die laughing at this video because I was so scared! 


Then I braved up some & Kennedie and I went again just the two of us:


And then Kennedie & I proceeded to go like 10 times more because there was no one left.  We would go down, unhook, and then race back up the hill to go down again.  We had a blast!  Lantz went to childcare to grab Sawyer so we could all go ride trikes together.  Sawyer was so excited about this. Here we are before:

Here we are doing the trikes (aka: Lantz being a big kid!):


We went a few times & had a blast!  Here is our after:

I walked back to the "hotel" with K on  my shoulders-- great work-out!

Back to the foam pit for more family fun.  Pres was LOVING being thrown by Lantz.  Here is one in slow-mo: 

Then off to a fun family game of putt-putt.  Y'all we clearly all need some help in the putt-putt department.  These videos CRACK me up so hard!  I especially love Sawyer shaking her hiney-bo in slow mo. Ha!





After our intense game of putt-putt (that Chantzlyn slept through in the stroller!) we were off to dinner at the red barn.  We had a yummy meal by a campfire & then headed back to call it a night.  We were all worn out!

The next day we woke up & got packed.  The camp fed us a yummy breakfast (seriously-- some of the best food ever in the 3 days we were there) & we headed to Sante Fe for a quick trip. 

We went straight to the top to show the girls the ski lifts & talked to them about going skiing one day when they are bigger.  The aspen trees were in full bloom & it was fun to stop along the way at some of the trails & look outs.   The girls even met some artists who let them do a little work on their art. 

We then headed to downtown Sante Fe to walk a little.  We ate some street tacos & then found a place where they made homemade organic ice-cream in shop. 

From downtown Sante Fe we headed to Albuquerque to see some sweet friends.  On our way to their house we found the coolest park so we stopped and played for a little while.


Chantzlyn wasn't feeling the swing action with her sisters:

We hung out the rest of the day with our friends Anthony & Sunshine & then stayed the night with them before we were off and running again:

We headed back to Pampa to watch out nephew play in a football game.  On the way we made a stop at Cadillac Ranch:

At the game the girls enjoyed pickles, ring pops, and lots of laughs with family. 

We went to eat out Mexican food that night with the Floyds & also Binky (Lantz's mom- who also came in town).  We got up the next morning & headed back to McKinney.

It was a whirlwind of a trip with lots of time in the car, but the girls were troopers & we made fun memories to last a life time!  We are so blessed!

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  1. Great pictures!! Looks like yall had an amazing break!