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Chantzlyn's Boho Pumpkin Party

Fall is a crazy time of year for me.  Seems like everyone wants in for family pictures for Christmas cards, so once October starts I'm pretty much slammed until the second week of December.... and then I have to play catch up on my Christmas game.  So.... it was a little crazy around these neck of the woods the last few months.  It's finally slowing down with the new year & I'm happy to try to catch up on my little blog.

First up: Chantzlyn's boho pumpkin first birthday party.... back in October. {I'm sure we're all not surprised by how far behind I am in the blogging world! Ha!}

I can't believe it's already been three months since we celebrated my last little baby love turning ONE!  I still can't wrap my head around the fact that she is a year old.  Crazy how fast it all goes!

This year I had a weird trail of ideas that lead to a first birthday party theme of a boho pumpkin party.   Back in the summer I thought it would be so cute to do a pumpkin party since Chantzlyn's birthday is the first week in  October.  It would be a great way to kick fall off!  I started rounding up a few pumpkins here and there and started pinning pumpkin ideas all over my Pinterest board.

But, I honestly wasn't feeling the whole "orange" ideas.  So I started thinking pink pumpkins & maybe cream & gold.... so the idea of pumpkins was still there-- it just started "softening" up a bit in decor.  And then I found a dress that I fell in love with-- it was more of a fall floral (orange, brown, teal, gold, touch of pink) with a gold tulle skirt & I went back to the idea of some orange colors. And then I found out that the dress wouldn't ship to me in time for me to do pictures pre-party and may not even make it for the party. So the ideas of orange was a scrape again.

But-- after all that I just wasn't feeling it. Everything that drew my eye in on Pinterest & got me excited was all things boho.  And then I fell in love with a pink/red/ cream/green floral pattern from Hobby Lobby and that was it. I begged my mom to make Chantzlyn a pair of ruffle pants from the material & I found a creamy, flowy top with a touch of lace at Old Navy on sale & loved the idea of it with the pants.  And then the rest of the party was planned from there.

I decided on big pink & red flowers, with small touches of pumpkins (cream & gold), feathers, dream catchers, & lots of lace. It all came together so easy once I knew what I wanted for my sweet girl!

We decided on an afternoon party with just some snacks & sweets.  Chantzlyn is up by 6:30 in the morning and she is fussy & ready for a nap around10:00.  Sometimes she naps for about two hours, but other times it can be 3 hours. She's the happiest right after lunch.  So in hoping for a good mood for my little one year old we went with 2:30 in the afternoon.

It was a bit wishful thinking looking back on it all now.  My poor girl was teething up a storm & was miserable.  She did so good considering the circumstances, but I wish that she had been able to be in a better mood to enjoy it all more.

My sweet friend Crysty designed an invite for her party using Chantzlyn's one year pictures. I think it turned out great & really helped set our theme!

And then the back was just this picture by itself:

Oh, and here is a sample of that pretty fabric I found at Hobby Lobby that helped me set the tone:

Here is my girl on her big party day with her party table in the background:

Here are some more detailed shots of the table {Picture overload here}:

I made the dream catcher from an embroidery hoop, crocheted doily, extra fabric, ribbons, feathers, and a rose.

Food {Pumpkin Spice popcorn, sausage balls, cheese ball shaped like pumpkin (my trial pumpkin looked so much better than the one at the party! Boo!), apple slices with caramel, puffs for littles, pumpkin cranberry apple squeezer pouches for littles, bark, rose sugar cookies, french toast cupcakes, and strawberry cupcakes}:

Strawberry smash cake (I made it myself!  I was proud, but don't look too close or you'll see all my mess-ups!):

Drinks (chocolate milk & fancy lemonade):

I decided to put Chantzlyn's high chair in her tee-pee for the smash cake.  I loved how cute it turned out. I made everything... the tee-pee was made from 3 large sticks that my dad found, string, and a vintage lace table cloth from my mother-in-law.  I made her party hat & bunting for the high chair from scrap materials, ribbons, and feathers :

Birthday girl in front of her tee-pee set up on party day:

I decorated the fireplace mantle too:

I also decided to create a small table out of pallets in the living room that the little people could all sit at.  I did this with Preslee's bunny party in April & it worked out so great that I decided to do it again.   I just moved my rug out, threw down some old quilts, put two pallets stacked on top of each other, put down a crocheted table runner, antlers, pumpkin, gold number one, and then I hung a dream catcher that I made from the ceiling fan.  It was a perfect little space for the little ones to enjoy their sweets & I really liked how it all turned out!

The party favors we sent home with the guests were little mini pumpkin bread loafs.  I meant to stick a feather at each of the bows to tie in the boho with the pumpkin {if that makes sense}, but I totally forgot! Oh well, they were still cute & tasty:

Family pictures:

Grandparents in attendance {I totally missed the great-grandparents pictures! Boo!}:

Jess & Brayden (Chantzlyn's birth mom & half brother) made it for the party too:

 Jess's parents & boyfriend made the trip as well for the party.  It was so sweet of them all to drive up for it!  We also had another surprise guest- my cousin Mikala was in for the weekend from college & her & my Aunt Cheryl dropped in.  My Aunt Darla was able to come too & several of our sweet friends from church!  It was a party! 

 Party time:

Cake time!  Chantzlyn's smash cake was so awesome!  She wasn't so sure about it all at first, but once she figured it out she went for it face first!  She just laughed & thought it was so funny!  The video is so cute but Blogger isn't letting me post it for some reason... pictures will have to do:

My favorite:

Overall it was a such a fun party filled with so much love!  I'm grateful every day for this precious little one & it was so special to celebrate her with so many people who love her!  

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