Saturday, January 7, 2017

Chantzlyn is 15 Months Old Today!

Whoa!  That was quick!  Didn't my girl just turn one?!  It's crazy how that 15 month mark sneaks up on me.  I can't believe that my Chantzlyn Hope is already 15 months old.  Sweet girl is as fun as ever!

Precious baby girl:

- This past month you have really picked up the speed on your furniture walking.  You are cruising from place to place holding tight to anything you can.  Occasionally you'll stand for a few seconds without knowing it.  Once you recognize what you're doing you'll grab back on to something or sit down.  You are also walking holding onto someones hands now.  It took forever to get you to this point, but you are getting better and better.  You will also use your walker toy to try to get around.  You get frustrated quickly with it though because it goes faster than you want at times & also you have no idea how to steer it.
- You are still crawling up a storm & there is no stopping you on that front!
- As far as talking goes, you still are not saying much.  You say, "hot," "out" {for outside}, "bow", "pup," "pu" {for puff}, " Da-da," "na" {for no} and "ba" {for ball}.  That's pretty much it for now.  I try so hard to get you to say "Ma-ma," but you just can't get that "m" sound down.  {Even though your first word was "Ma-ma".... possibly by chance, but it was so clear and perfectly said. Lol!}  I'll ask you to say Ma-ma and you'll say, "Da-da"- of course Daddy gets a kick out of it.  I think you know exactly what you are saying and you are just trying to be funny.  It is SO funny and we all laugh.
- You are still taking a big nap in the late morning. You'll go down around 10:00 and sleep for 2-3 hours.  Depending on when you wake up & how long you sleep you'll sometimes grab a cat nap for 30 minutes to an hour later in the day.
- I can't remember if I already documented this or not, but you sleep with your dark brown teddy bear that you got from the judge on your official adoption day at court.  This month you've also started sleeping with a blanket that my cousin Mikala made you.  Its so sweet to see you snuggle up.
- You are doing great eating.  You eat almost anything, but when you do taste something that you don't like you will let us know.  Sometimes you'll just pass on a meal if it's not your favorite.  You really like to pick up your own food. You are not a fan of us "spoon" feeding you much anymore.  You like when we put it on your tray and let you use your hands.  Sometimes it can make eating soup difficult, but we make it work... you just get to skip on the broth. {It does make everything much messier, but it's so cute!}
- You still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going outside!  Swinging is still your favorite.  I love how content  you are outside.  You especially love riding in your new car that Papa & Nana gave you for Christmas.
-  You have a tiny bit more hair coming in, but it's all just so light you can barely see it.
- Your eyes are still a bright, icy blue.
- Today I put you in a 12 month outfit.  The plan today is to rotate out most of your 6-9 month clothes and put out your winter 12 month clothes.  There are a few 6-9 month things that fit great, but most are starting to get pretty snug.  Bring on the 12 month!
- Your feet are still super tiny.  Shoes are very hit or miss. It's really hard to know what size you are.  Most of your baby shoes sill just all fall off. Your feet are still only 4 inches long.
- You have really enjoyed brushing your teeth.  You think you are so big getting to brush your teeth like your sisters.
- Speaking of teeth, I think you have12 right now. It's always so hard to know for sure, because you do not like it when I try to open your mouth. Those two beside your front two middle teeth popped through a few days ago.  I think they are still giving you some trouble because you've had your hand in your mouth, been fussy & haven't had the best appetite.  Not too terrible, but I can tell they've been bothering you some.
- You are still LOVING your baths.  You get so happy and excited when you are in the bath tub.
- We have to keep the door shut to the bathrooms.  You enjoy getting into the toilet paper.  You especially love unrolling ALL of it. And this month you put an entire brand new roll into the potty.  Silly girl.
- You currently give the best kisses!!!  You lean in perfectly and say "Mmmm-uhhh" {But can't transfer that "mm" sound to Ma-ma??}.  You will normally give 3 or 4 in a row & it's the best thing ever.
-You have also mastered the art of a fist bump.  The high-five you've had down for awhile now, but when someone holds out a fist you will put your hand in a fist and bump someone else's perfectly. It's so funny!
- You love to play whatever the big girls are playing-- whether it's babies or Barbies you want to be right in the middle of it all. I especially love when you pick your baby up and hug it and give it kisses. It's so sweet.

My sweet baby girl. You are growing up so fast!  It's so fun to watch you grow and discover new things. Your smile lights up a room & is so contagious! I love being with you and especially snuggling with you.  I love how you bury your head into my chest when I rock you before nap or bedtime.  It's like you are trying to get cozy in my arms and I always appreciate the extra snuggles. I love how you will also willingly just give me kisses randomly without me asking.  It's like you are saying "I love you, " and I just can't get enough.  You are the most precious baby and I feel so blessed to be your Mommy.  I love you more than I could ever say Chantzlyn Hope.  

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