Saturday, January 14, 2017

Chantzlyn: 15 Month Stats

Weight: 21.1pounds (47%)
Length: 28 & 1/4" (2%)
Head Cir. : 18 &1/4" (68%)

Sister-girl is really starting to chunk up some, but barely scraping the bottom of the barrel in her height! Love it!  

****And someone may or may not have taken a few steps all on her own yesterday!!!  Eeeek!  Last night she was fussy & Lantz was holding her on the couch and I walked over and knelt down a few feet in front of them.  Lantz stood her up (she's screaming!) and I held out my hands.  Lantz balanced her and then she walked straight to me (3 steps) hands out.  It was so AWESOME!  We cheered & clapped and she was still a hot mess of fuss, but we were so proud!  Needless to say that we've tried a few times this morning & she wanted nothing to do with that walking again.  Ha!****

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