Monday, February 29, 2016

Christmas Night 2015

After our jam-packed day we headed home to celebrate with Cowboy, Bee, Aunt Feather, & Uncle Ellis!  Of course more presents were on the agenda!

After presents were opened up we asked Aunt Feather to trim the girls hair because they really needed a haircut.  Well, to our surprise, Kennedie asked if Aunt Feather would cut it short.  Of course at that point we had to explain what we wouldn't be able to do if it was cut short and find out if that was something she still REALLY wanted.  Kennedie decided that she really did want her hair short, so of course, you know what that meant..... Sawyer wanted her hair really short too. Kennedie I could handle because we had cut her hair short a few years ago.  Sawyer I wasn't ready for.  It kinda made me a little sad.  It really did make her look so grown up, and not so "three" anymore. :(  And, her's was long enough to mail into Pantene Pro-V to help make wigs for kids going through chemo.  Preslee just got a little trim -- getting rid of those dead ends.

Below are pictures, but for some reason I missed the "after" for Sawyer:

Of course it was such a fun, but busy day!  So thankful to get to see family so often! What a true blessing to be close to everyone.

Christmas Day Fun

After a fun early morning of Santa gifts we got dressed and headed back out to Baba & Ooh-Daddy's house for a big Christmas breakfast and to open a few gifts.  Again, love that this is something I have done my whole life & now my girls get to do the same thing.  It's great to be with family!  Here are a few pictures from our time at Baba's house:

After a big breakfast at Baba's we loaded up the car and headed home to put together a quick appetizer food to take to Momma Jean & Poppa's house.  Again, I love that these same traditions I participated in as a child, my girls get to do the same.  We head to Momma Jean's about 1:00 for some appetizer snack-y type lunch food and then we open up presents- which include a fun game of Chinese Christmas complete with plenty of stealing.  We got a few pictures, but right when it was getting dark we decided to go outside and take a few group shots.  I hate that we waited to do it so late in the day, but thankful we got some.

Such fun, fun times!  After all the fun we headed back to our house to do some more Christmas-ing with just Bee & Cowboy & Aunt Feather & Uncle Ellis!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Santa Presents 2015

Christmas morning was filled with lots of fun as all four of our girls saw what Santa brought them!  It's always such a fun time with lots of excitement!  And for some reason the small stocking gifts and candy seem to weigh in much more than the bigger gifts- ha! 

Santa's goods he brought:

Kennedie's: art set, sticker earrings, new shirt:

Sawyer's: camera, sticker earrings (You are Special, Finding Nemo, & Tenzi were family gifts):

Preslee's: Bike helmet, sticker earrings (The Princess Kiss was another family gift):

Chantzlyn's: 2 new outfits, pajamas, diapers:

Santa ate some of his cookies:

The large blow up punching balloons behind their gifts were a big hit too!  The girls loved playing with them.

Chantzlyn got up a little later than the other girls, so of course they all wanted to help show her her gifts, but clearly Chantzlyn just wanted to eat:

Such a fun morning!  After playing a bit and making some phone calls to share the excitement of Christmas morning it was time to get ready to take on the action packed, fun filled day ahead!