Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Preslee's Sayings

As hard as this age (2 & 1/2) can be at times, or most of the time, it's still so fun.  It's an age of discovery & learning & figuring out boundaries.  But it's also a time where language becomes understandable & yet word mix-ups happen often.

There are a few of Preslee's words that I just don't want to forget.  I want to seal them in memory forever.... but I know that I sleep & that time will pass right by me & I may just not remember these so vividly as I want to.  So, I will blog them & keep it in my virtual memory bank to store away for those days of remembering.

One of my favorite things that Preslee is saying right now is "Thank."  She just leaves the "you" off of "thank you" almost every time.  It's not a "thanks," but a very abrupt and definitive "thank."  It's super cute!

"Traffic."  This one gets me every time.  I guess she has heard us use this word and we explained it to her that cars were all around & we couldn't go by.  So, she uses the word "traffic" anytime things are "crowded."  Stuff piled in the floor: "Traffic."  Lots of people: "Traffic."  Toys in the way of the walking path: "Traffic."  Cars all around: "Traffic."  Lots of traffic in our house. Lol!  It's so cute!

"Blessed You."  This is actually Sawyer's saying, but it has transferred to Preslee & it is so cute.  Instead of saying "I sneezed," Sawyer will say, "I bless you'd."  Or instead of, "I need to sneeze," it's "I need to bless you."  Quickly transferred to Preslee... example: Instead of Preslee saying she needed to get tissue to "blow her nose," she says "I need get toy-et paper to bless you." ["I need to get some toilet paper to blow my nose."}  Lol!  It's so funny!

"Dirl:" In our house can mean "girl," or "squirrel."  Use those context clues to figure out which one! Lol!

The other day I was going to put some essential oil on the girls feet & asked them to get some socks.  Preslee says, "Mommy I "det" tocks... you put "oreo" on my feet?"  Y'all, I almost died laughing.  What she meant to say was, "Mommy if I get my socks will you put oil on my feet?" It was the cutest little thing ever. Ha!

One of my favorite things right now is that pretty much no one else is "allowed" to pray at our house except Preslee. She ALWAYS want to pray.  If we ask who wants to pray, before anyone else can say anything Preslee will start praying.  Other times we will ask someone else specifically to pray but before they can start Preslee will cut someone off & start praying or if they start praying she will loudly pray over them drowning them out.  So, pretty much every meal Preslee prays for us & the rest of us rotate through along with her. Lol!  Here is a sample prayer:  "Dod tank you our food... tank you Daddy... tank you Mommy... tank you Ne-ne... tank you Dawyer... tank you Pessee... tank you Che-in... Je-u name amen."  {Translation: "God, thank you for our food, thank you for Daddy, thank you for Mommy, thank you for Kennedie, thank you for Sawyer, thank you for Preslee, thank you Chantzlyn. In Jesus name, amen."} The prayer is of course so precious & sweet, but the humor is the fact that she is so adamant about doing it.

I love my Preslee Ray & all the fun she brings to our house.  She keeps me on my toes & is helping me really practice patience.  She makes me smile big, laugh hard, and love BIG. I love her more than I can ever say!  She is fun & the life of the party & I will treasure her forever!  {I also especially love her fake smile right now... sometime it almost looks painful, but she tries so hard & wears anything so well!}

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