Monday, August 29, 2016

Pool Fun

This summer has been a summer of swimming, that's for sure.  We have been so blessed by some sweet neighbors and some sweet friends at church who have pools and allowed us to come swim while they were out of town.  By this sweet gesture, we got in TONS of family time and the girls were able to practice swimming so much!

I would say that both Kennedie & Sawyer are doing a great job without their life jackets on.  I feel a bit more confident with Kennedie swimming, but really Sawyer is doing amazing too- especially considering she is only 4.

Preslee however has really surprised me.  She always want to "do it without my life jacket!"  We let her have some practice time without it and at first, she wasn't real sure what to do.  She kinda would just sink and we'd have to pull her up.  But now, she completely understands that she has to kick and hold her breath and move her arms.  She is so funny.  She will intentionally swim away from us at times because she doesn't want us to help her.  She really is doing SOOOOO good considering she is only two, but for sure still needs that life jacket on when one of us is not hands on watching her.

Sweet Chantzlyn has been my little water baby this summer!  She loves the water & will move her feet when I talk to her about kicking.  I can also sit her on a shallow step in the water and count to three and she will just kind of "jump in" {fall in} to me all on her own, and completely hold her breath.  She rarely comes out of the water coughing, but rather smiling from ear to ear so proud she went under.

Here are a few pictures and the few videos that we've captured {and ignore the fact that I totally forgot Chantzlyn's swimsuit that day and she had to swim in her swim diaper... although she didn't seem to mind at all}:

Here are a few videos we got this summer-- some from Lantz's phone & some from Brenda's phone when she helped me take the girls swimming one day:

Chantzlyn kicking:

Preslee girl: 

More Preslee:


Here is my Sawyer girl in action... FOUR y'all!  My little fish:



And my big girl Kennedie!  I think if she can get her side breathing down she'll be ready for swim team:


We seriously have had the best and most fun summer ever swimming!  I love all four of my little fish!!

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