Thursday, August 11, 2016

Meeting Chantzlyn: Lantz's iPhone Edition

Continuing on with the picture dump from Lantz's iPhone......  {He hadn't cleaned it off in over a year, so I'm getting all his pictures on the blog!}

This sweet drawing Kennedie made the day before we met Chantzlyn:

She wrote this for Ms. Jess:

Last picture as a family of FIVE!!!!: 

Video on the night before meeting Chantzlyn:


And I die over this video EVERY.TIME.  Kennedie wanted to do a video all by herself.  Lantz obliged.  We had no idea what she was going to say, but we walked away from this Hallmark moment with tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts.  This will forever be one of my favorite videos:


Sunrise at out of the hospital window... a foreshadowing of the beauty to come:

Lantz's first pictures of Chantzlyn Hope:

And if you want to read more about our story and see BEAUTIFUL picture by our amazingly talented birth photographer you should click HERE and check it out!

Day Two in the hospital:

While we were at the hospital grandparents were staying out at a ranch owned by one of our elders & his wife.  They took the girls next door to pet and play with lots of animals.  Here are a few:

Day 3 of hospital: 

Older girls being silly & playing doctor while they wait for us to finish up paperwork:

Chantzlyn ready to go:

About to leave the hospital:

Got everyone strapped in & ready!  What?!  Four girls and four carseats!  If you think our van is full you should see our hearts!

Sunset while leaving:

 We came home to a professionally cleaned house and these treats from our small group.  They are the best!  So thankful for them!

It's all crazy to walk back down memory lane after 10 months!  We love our Chantz so much! 

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