Saturday, August 6, 2016

Kennedie's Tea Party

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later right?  With 4 girls I knew it was only a matter of time before we had a "tea party" birthday party. Well, this year my Kennedie asked for a tea party to celebrate her turning six.... which I still can't wrap my brain around... six, really? Ah! This celebration took place back in May the weekend of Kennedie's birthday.

I hit up Pinterest for ideas and fell in love with a little teapot template invitation.  (Click HERE for the link to the teapot template I used.)  Luckily I had some cute scrapbook paper, some envelopes, and some string leftover from other projects so the invites were totally free minus all the time I spent on cutting them all out. And y'all I felt super crafty after I made them all!

The plan was to have the party at the church building park since we were going to have an outside party, but we changed plans at the last minute and switched the party to our backyard since Lantz finished the tree house and it would be an easier set up for me.

One of the first things I knew I wanted to do was to have one long pallet table.  I did this in our living room for Preslee's bunny party (click HERE to see the bunny party), and it was so awesome & super easy so it was for sure on the plan for this tea party too.  

Once we moved it to our house, I knew I wanted to have it on our walkway {which I know was kind of weird} because I wanted to hang things over the table so that it would be more dramatic for Kennedie & her friends.  It was a little cramped and I'm not sure I would do it there again, but I did love all the things hanging over the table- so that was a win! {The lighting in the pictures is kinda wonky in the pictures since we were half shade & half sun.}

My sweet grandmother {Momma Jean, my dad's mom} helped me track down lots of pretty & mismatched tea cups for the girls-- which added that whimsical look I wanted- along with mismatched quilts and random serving dishes.  It was a little on the shabby-chic side-- like most of the parties I host. I also used the leftover scrapbook paper from the invites under the plates and teacups as a sort of placemat.  It added a bit more color to the table.  I already had the lace "table runner" {aka: long bolt of lace}, and the poms, hanging lanterns, and paper bunting.  The dishes were borrowed and I made all the food.  On the table under the porch where I had the tea, water bottles and extra food- I also had cute little decorative plates & napkins (not pictured) that I was able to borrow from a friend after her party. This honestly was one of the cheapest parties I've ever done.  

I tried to keep the food simple.  It was at 10:00 in between meals, so I tried to stick to little snack-y type food & sweets.... and of course tea {sparkling peach tea}.  The tea party food included: mini tea cucumber & dill sandwiches, mini peanut butter and jelly tea sandwiches, Skinny Pop popcorn, fruit cups, pink wafer cookies with white chocolate drizzle, stacked mini strawberry cakes, homemade pink mints, sugar cookies with frosting in a rose swirl, rose shaped sugar cookies with powdered sugar, and by request of the birthday girl her favorite cupcakes: french toast cupcakes with maple syrup buttercream frosting.

Here is our birthday girl all ready to go in her dress I got on sale at Old Navy (we already had the head piece):

Some family pictures:

Pictures with our birthday girl:

One of Kennedie's main requests was to have face painting at her party.  So, I called up one of the sweet girls in our youth group and had her come out to do a little face painting for us.  

The girls played on the park after getting their face painted & then sat down for some tea party treats:

We also played a little game in the grass. I should have thought it out a little better to have tables, but it went okay.  Each of the Mommy's held little cups for their little one and the kids all ran to a plate to get a sugar cube on a little spoon.  The first one to fill their cup with 5 sugar cubes won a kite. They had fun:

Then we headed back to the table to sing "Happy birthday," and eat cupcakes:

Then we threw out some more quilts under the shade and Kennedie opened her presents:

One of Kennedie's favorite guests was her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Lopez.  It was SO incredibly sweet for her to come.  She gave her the cutest book with the sweetest note inside.  We definitely lucked out having her for Kennedie's teacher.

And I totally didn't get a picture, but each girl left with a goodie bag filled with bubbles, ring pops, candy bracelets, and other small trinkets or candy.  {They were similar to these HERE.}

Overall it was such a fun little party with some of Kennedie's favorite friends.  I love my girl & can't believe that she is already SIX!!

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