Monday, August 15, 2016

Kennedie's Last Day of Kindergarten

If you keep up with our family at all, then you know that today Kennedie started 1st grade.  I had high ambitions of being caught up on my blogging before she started school.  Well, it didn't happen. {Sigh.}

So instead of blogging about K's first day of first grade, instead it just so happened that what's next on our timeline of blogging is the LAST day of Kindergarten!  But don't you worry, that first grade post is coming soon!

So here is my big girl on her last day of Kindergarten:

Doesn't she look so big and so confident?  It's crazy how much she grew over her first year in school. So you can see, here is a side by side of her first & last day:

Kennedie had an end of year party that all the parents were invited to, so it was fun to celebrate with her.  They ate pizza and cookies.  They got to decorate a picture frame that held the class picture in it, and then they got to sign little picture books that they made with pictures from the whole year and all their units that Mrs. Lopez took of them. It was all so cute!  

Kennedie was blessed with such a great Kindergarten year!  She had the best teacher ever and lots of great friends in her class!  We can't wait to see what 1st grade holds!  

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