Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kennedie Goes to First Grade & Looses First Tooth

I can't believe my big girl has already started her third week of FIRST grade!  Y'all, how in the world is my baby big enough to be a big first grader?! What?!

A week and a half before school started, Kenendie got to go up on a Saturday morning for a pajamas & donut time in her class.  It was not an "official" meet the teacher time, but more of a time for the kids to get acquainted with each other.  It was great, but my poor Ms. K started crying when we first got there, and I thought, "Oh, no. Here we go again."  But no worries, those tears dried up soon and by the time we left she was having the time of her life. I don't have any pictures, but it was such a great time for the class to get to know one another.

About four days later Kennedie got to go back up to the school for the "official" Meet the Teacher night & to drop off her school supplies.  Here is my sweet girl in her seat, so happy:

Kennedie already LOVES her teacher, Mrs. Stephenson, SO much!  I think that God is so good & very faithful... HE has gone before us again & I just know that we'll have another blessed year.  Here is K with her sweet teacher:

We had to snag a few pictures with some friends in class with her that she was excited about:

And then of course we had to go see Mrs. Lopez and snag a picture with her favorite Kindergarten teacher & another friend in her class last year & this year:

Kennedie was so excited to be back up at school and to see all of her friends.  I felt like it was going to be a good year for her!  

On Sunday, the day before school started, Kennedie grew up even more!  Her bottom middle teeth have been loose for awhile now, and one was super wiggly.  She really wanted us to pull it out since it was barely hanging on.  Lantz and I both were a little squeamish about the loose tooth. It both gave us the heeby-jeeby's to try to pull it, but it did need to come out.  Lantz and I teased a bit about who was going to have to do the dirty job of getting it out, and I won!!!  I did not have to pull the tooth-- yes!  So, Lantz attempted grabbing it but couldn't grip it very good, so yes, yes he did go to the garage and get his pliers.  K was excited to get the tooth out and was all smiles.  She didn't bat an eye about getting it out-- she was ready.  

You can see in the picture below she could push it all the way down, so it was time to come out:

So... we of course video'd the fun.  Here it is for your tooth-pulling fun entertainment:


I didn't grab an official "after" picture of her little toothless grin.  I was a little frantic trying to make sure that everything was ready for the next day for her first day of first grade and trying to make sure that the tooth fairy got the memo to show up.

So the tooth fairy delivered that night & left a one dollar bill with sparkles all over it.  Yay!  {Again, slacking on the picture department because we were trying to get off to a great start for the first day of school.}

Here are a few pictures of Kennedie's first day of school official chalkboard pictures:

And apparently I want to torture myself with how big she has gotten, so here is a walk down memory lane with the pictures all lined up:

Y'all. I mean seriously. Look how big!  And in case you didn't know it-- babies don't keep. 

At Kennedie's school, only Kindergarten parents get to walk in and drop off in the classroom.  They expect the older students to know the routine and be able to walk in by themselves.  So... I had been praying for Kennedie as she was preparing to start school. You remember she burst into tears on the Saturday donut/pajama party and so I was so worried for her.  God is so faithful.  My K had a great first day without ANY TEARS!!  Yes, you read that right... my girl who cried every day of Kindergarten until the middle of January didn't cry at all on her first day of first grade!!  Yay!  And guess what... we are in week three & still tear-free!  

I'm so incredibly proud of my sweet girl!!!! 

{OH, and side note to the tooth story.  She came home from her first day of school and decided that her second loose tooth was ready to be pulled, so Lantz helped her pull that one & she started day two with another visit from the tooth fairy and two teeth out!} 

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