Monday, August 15, 2016

Kadesh 2016

Even though Lantz isn't in youth ministry any more, we decided that as a family we would still commit to a week of ministry at ACU's leadership camp, Kadesh.  If you know me at all, then you know what a deep impact Kadesh had on my own spiritual development as a high school student.  I am equally impacted by the week and feel blessed to lead a group alongside Lantz for a week.

I also feel blessed to be able to share a the week with the girls.  It's one of the few places that recognize the need for families to do ministry alongside each other.  Kadesh provides childcare for our girls as they stay the week with us in the dorms.  The girls LOVE Kadesh, because they think they are at camp for the week.  This year we were blessed with the BEST childcare staff we've ever had.  My girls we loved on and cared for and played with so much with 4 of the sweetest college girls I've ever met.  They got to enjoy special outings like the library, swimming, side walk chalk, playgrounds, Chick-fil-a, the zoo, and their favorite part--- eating in the Bean with us!

This year's theme was Identity.  It's by far the theme that means the most to me, because I can vividly replay my own experience from high school and still remember how it changed me for the better.  This was my second time to lead a group through this theme, and even on the 3rd time around it meant so much still.

This year was extra special because one of our favorite graduates from our youth group decided to get baptized at camp.  This was incredible for me to witness since I have been praying specifically for him for awhile now.  His mom is a dear friend and I was just so joyful to know that her prayers & mine had been answered.  I wish that I had a picture. :( Boo! But it was awesome!  It is something that I will never forget! Love you Cade!

Here are just a few pictures from the week.  We didn't take too many:

Breakfast in the Bean with my K!

Chantzlyn got to go swimming for the first time at ACU!  The girls got to swim almost every day and they LOVED every minute of it!

Our awesome Kadesh group-- some of the most awesome graduates ever!
Two of the four best childcare workers!

Zoo trip for the big girls!

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