Thursday, August 11, 2016

iPhone Pictures (October 2015- December 2015)

If you are new to the scene, I am trying to get caught up on my blogs (story of my life).  In the process we realized that Lantz hadn't cleaned the pictures off of his phone in over a year!  So... I am getting all these pieces of our story posted up.  This blog will be from October 2015 to December 2015.

After taking Chantzlyn to church the first time {she wore my dress from when I was a baby-- it was my going home outfit that my dad bought for me}:

And of course while I was trying to snag some pictures the girls were all close at hand....they love their baby sister:

I am NOT a newborn photographer, but I did do Chantzlyn's newborn pictures.  I'm a natural light photographer, and I was having a hard time getting enough light, so we moved the photo session to the garage.  Kennedie was a great assistant & Lantz snagged a picture of me hard at work:

If you're curious to see her newborn pictures then you can click HERE to see the final products.

We went back to Abilene a week after Chantzlyn's birth for ACU Homecoming.  We had to stop so I could breastfeed Chantzlyn which meant raspberries for the big girls:

Why yes, we did take a week old newborn to see Mary Poppins by ACU.  We already bought tickets pre-Chantzlyn and the big girls were excited, so we went with it!  She did great-- not a peep! 

Fall Festival at church -goats:

When Lantz takes the girls to school they each say the Lord's Prayer with him.  Here is a video of Sawyer at the age of 3:


Zoo trip as a family of six:

John got floor tickets to a Mavs game and took Lantz:

Lantz & K went on a PomPom date to Chick-fil-a and to get the movie "Inside Out:"

One of the best moments EVER!  We got to FaceTime Jess {Chantzlyn's birth mom} as she claimed Jesus is Lord and was baptized into him:

Sawyer's Thanksgiving song for preschool:


Anthony & Shine meeting Chantzlyn for the first time:

Thanksgiving pictures:


Lantz got to be a guest in K's class at school and share about Christmas and the story of baby Jesus:

K's school performance:

Parade in Anson:

Camelot musical at church:

New handmade hats from Ms. Patty at church:

Christmas caroling at the nursing home in pajamas:

11 years & going strong:

Pre-presents & after presents:

1st Christmas Eve for Chantzlyn:

Hair cuts from Aunt Feather!  Short hair, don't care!

Scooter time at Papa's:

Stay tuned for the next edition of the iPhone dump!  We have lots more to go!

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