Thursday, August 11, 2016

iPhone Pictures January 2016-March 2016

Continuing with Lantz's iPhone pictures...... {In case you missed the memo, Lantz hadn't cleaned the pictures off of his phone in over a year, so I'm playing catch up!}

Face paint:

Chantzlyn's first time to Bible class {Preslee was excited to be in the same class to help}:

Lantz painted our fireplace.  Before & then after:

Next project... the entry way!  We don't have an official "after" picture, but we have hooks to hang bags & shelf to sit pictures & decor.  It's all white.  The before was just a plain grey wall:

Someone was excited to get Tangled:

Lantz made several tables from pieces of the old bowling alley at ACU .  We were blessed to sell one back to ACU and put all the money towards paying off Chantzlyn's adoption.  We still have two more to sell and all money will still go to pay off the rest of our adoption:

Not a baby doll.... poor Chantzlyn. It's rough having 3 older sisters.  She doesn't seem to mind:

I mean... I die over this video every time I watch it.  Chantzlyn was just so tickled about peek-a-boo.  I love her sweet little laugh:


100th day of school:


Valentines "box" for school:

Bounce house fun before and after Sawyer's birthday party:

Kennedie's community that she and her classmates built.  K made the hospital:

Marriage conference:

Living the dream in Arkansas with Aunt Feather & Uncle Ellis:

PomPom date with my first!  Zootopia:

Bath fun:

Sawyer & Daddy Pompom date:

Sawyer was clearly excited about helping the community:

Easter egg hunting (in the freezing wind!):


Sister Easter picture:

Friend's birthday party:

Bean-Boozled "game" with Binky!  Clearly she got a disgusting flavor.  Side note, this is hilarious to watch people play.  Our niece & nephews love it!:

Easter confetti eggs:

Another trip to the dentist for K:

Fun times traveling through pictures throughout the first of the year.  Stay tuned for more!

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