Sunday, August 14, 2016

iPhone Pictures April -May

I am continuing to try to get caught up on my blogging {always} and I have been trying to get Lantz's pictures from his phone on here & documented.  This shows lots of our every day {non-big fancy camera} kinda days. 

Lantz started working on a tree house for the girls.  We decided that the swing set that we had took up a lot of our yard that we could easily gain back by moving all the play equipment to a tree house.  We all had fun watching him & helping:

Little sister problems:

Happy baby:

Best day ever... she's officially, official:

Oh you know.... just "mowing" {aka, making a mess with the bubbles!}:

Earning their keep... cleaning that potty:

Sometimes you just gotta catch a nap wherever you can:

Picnic at Town Lake:

Kennedie is a great photography assistant!  Check her out.  Or click HERE to see the final products of Chantzlyn's 6 month portraits:


Sister love:

Lantz made some progress on the tree house & the girls enjoyed it at all stages:

Hey Dude! 



Family date at Grimaldi's Pizza with a fun game of matching!  {FYI- Grimaldi's has the best birthday deal ever!  Free large pizza on your birthday with no additional purchases-- even for kids birthdays!  It's our family birthday date go to!}

So I think I've told y'all that Preslee introduces herself to everyone as "Abby" and then tells people that she is "4."  It cracks me up every time!  This video actually shows  her first saying "Pess-ee," but then quickly lets us know it's "Abby." Ha!  And a shot of her blanket and bunny she sleeps with each night :

Binky's house & first water gun fight (the big girls may have been attacking Preslee's bare hiney-bo!}: 

Preslee moved up to the two year old class for Bible class. She looked so big!

Y'all remember our bunnies from this post HERE, well, here they are a few weeks earlier.... SO tiny!

These two love each other so much.  Kennedie is so sweet with Chantz and always so protective over her:

Sprinkler fun:


Watching the fun!

Mother's Day 2016 {Warning, video is real life. Chantzlyn's not always happy.}:


And one of the best parts of Mother's Day this year.... snuggles and a movie... my love languages:

Oh, you know... just being a hoss:


The finished product.  Lantz is so talented:

More Grimaldi's Pizza... this one my baby fell asleep on me-- win!!!  Love the cuddles:

No surprise that our first one to break a bone was our Preslee Ray.  She was so brave getting her cast:

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