Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Daddy Daughter Tea

So the big girls were pretty excited to go on a special date with their daddy.  Lantz took the girls to the Daddy Daughter Tea at church and they all had a blast!  I wish I could  tell you all about it, but I wasn't there. It was a mermaid theme & the girls couldn't stop talking about it when they got home. They had so much fun!

I let the girls pick what they wore and also how they wanted their hair.  K picked a cute little maxi dress and Sawyer picked a very well worn princess dress up dress with white socks and red converse shoes- awesome!  Sawyer wanted a bride (which didn't hold too well because her hair is so short) and Kennedie wanted me to curl her hair.  They were just so excited to get dolled up for a night on the town with their Daddy!

And Pres wanted in on that kissing action:

Pictures from on site of the tea:

I am so glad my girls have such an amazing daddy to do fun things like this with them.  He does a great job loving all of us so well!

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