Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bunny, Bunny, Bunny!

In early May we had some sweet baby bunnies living in our yard.  They were so sweet and the girls just LOVED them!  They had to check on "their" bunnies everyday.  We found them when maybe they were a day or two old... tiny, tiny, tiny and bald.  They eventually grew and after much hesitation, we finally let the girls hold one for a second or two.  Well, that eventually grew to holding them several times a day for quit the extended time.  It was such a precious thing, and it almost made me consider getting the girls a pet bunny.... but then I feared for the poor bunnies life! Ha!  Lets just say Sawyer and Preslee were a little rough with the bunnies even though they were trying to be gentle.

I'm thankful all the bunnies survived our girls and all lived to hop away from their little bunny hole one night.  The girls were so sad about waking up one morning to discover they had all gone. 

They were so sweet and I'm thankful for the few weeks that they were "our bunnies." 

Here are a few pictures with the girls and their bunnies:

And here is a little video I grabbed of the girls with their bunnies.  The one on Lantz's FB page is much funnier {and scarier for the poor bunnies!}


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