Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sawyer's Last Day of Preschool

Back in May my sweet Sawyer finished up preschool.  The last day of school was a super hero day and she picked out her "S" cape to wear with her Tinker Bell shirt {because she's a super hero-- duh!}.   It was raining the last day, so we opted for a picture on the front porch instead of the grass.

Here are some side by sides of her first and last days of preschool:


I can't believe how much my sweet girl grew up over the last year!  I love her so!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bunny, Bunny, Bunny!

In early May we had some sweet baby bunnies living in our yard.  They were so sweet and the girls just LOVED them!  They had to check on "their" bunnies everyday.  We found them when maybe they were a day or two old... tiny, tiny, tiny and bald.  They eventually grew and after much hesitation, we finally let the girls hold one for a second or two.  Well, that eventually grew to holding them several times a day for quit the extended time.  It was such a precious thing, and it almost made me consider getting the girls a pet bunny.... but then I feared for the poor bunnies life! Ha!  Lets just say Sawyer and Preslee were a little rough with the bunnies even though they were trying to be gentle.

I'm thankful all the bunnies survived our girls and all lived to hop away from their little bunny hole one night.  The girls were so sad about waking up one morning to discover they had all gone. 

They were so sweet and I'm thankful for the few weeks that they were "our bunnies." 

Here are a few pictures with the girls and their bunnies:

And here is a little video I grabbed of the girls with their bunnies.  The one on Lantz's FB page is much funnier {and scarier for the poor bunnies!}


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chantzlyn's 6 Month Portraits

So... Chantzlyn just turned 9 months old, but I haven't shared all of her 6 month portraits yet.  And, because I am her mother and think every picture is absolutely adorable, you'll get to see lots even though you'll probably think they all look just alike! Ha!

And, I love the next one but it also had a case of a big sister photobomb in it! Ha!

Isn't she just the prettiest baby ever!!! Love her so much!

Preslee's Birthday {The Real Day}

On Preslee's actual birthday she got to go to the donut store and pick out her very own birthday donut.  She picked the one that looked like a ladybug!  It was so cute!  She was so excited about it!

 Singing happy birthday:

 The aftermath:

That day we decided to make a birthday cake for Preslee since it was her actual birthday {as if we hadn't had enough sweets}.  We had a picnic outside for dinner and then enjoyed singing happy birthday to our sweet girl for the 3rd time! Ha! She of course loved it!

It was a fun day!  Thankful we got to have a little "sweet" family time together on her actual birthday.

{You can read all about her bunny party below or click HERE.}

Preslee's 2nd Bunny Party

So my fun and sassy Preslee turned two back in April... yes, April. {I'm working to get caught up on my little blog.}  It was a toss up on what her party theme should be.  I try really hard for the 2 year party to find something that is fitting to them for their theme, for example Kennedie LOVED waffles when she was two, so she had a waffle party (click HERE for waffle party) and Sawyer LOVED singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" when she was two, so she had a "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" party (click HERE for that party).

So... when trying to pick a party theme for Preslee I wanted it to fit with her.  I really thought about doing a "Wild Thing" party (like the song, not the book) because she truly is my free-spirited wild child and I sing the "Wild Thing... you make my heart sing..." song to her & it's super cute when she looks at me and says "You mate evey-ting 'doovy.'"

But I just couldn't shake the thought of her "bunny."  She has this sweet little "bunny" that she sleeps with every night & she loves it!  {It's not really a bunny though... it's a TY teddy bear in a bunny costume.}  I mean, she really loves her bunny (even today 3 months later and I don't see that changing anytime soon).  I would ask her if she wanted a "bunny party" and talk to her about a "bunny party" and the idea seemed to really catch on & she would laugh and smile and talk about her "bunny party" often.  It just made sense and seemed to fit.  {Not to say that a "Wild Thing" party won't show up at some point in the future, but this year it was a bunny party.}

Here is my sweet party girl with her little bunny party dress (found on a FB sale page for less than $8 - score!) and her sweet party smile:

To get the bunny party started off right my sweet friend Natalie at Topsy Turvy Print Shop designed the cutest little bunny invite for the guests. Check out her work-- she's SO great! Here are the invites:

Aren't they just adorable?!  

Here are some family pictures:

We decided on a breakfast party since Pres loves her some biscuits {and morning parties work well for our schedule}!  I tried to keep decor simple..... in a sense that I just tried to reuse stuff I already had or from previous parties.... which meant a good girly shabby-chic vintage party! Ha! 

I decided to do her dessert table in the kitchen to free up the dining room for people to sit and eat. Unfortunately there isn't great lighting and to top it off it was cloudy and rainy the day of the party so there was not much light through the windows and lots of the food from the fridge had condensation all over it. Thanks humidity! 

Dessert table:

I made some staple party desserts for our family.  First up, I made french toast cupcakes with a maple syrup buttercream frosting-- fitting for a breakfast party:

I also made some puppy strawberry cake balls, puppy chow, toffee crunch bark, and had plenty of Hershey kisses on hand too:

I decided to do the food spread along the bar, again, to keep the dining room free for people to sit and eat.  The menu consisted of eggs, sausage, biscuits, and strawberries.

Drinks consisted or orange juice and I put milk and chocolate milk in little milk jug jars.

One of my favorite things about this party {and that will for sure be making lots of appearances in future parties} was the little "table" for our birthday girl and party guests.  It was a rainy day, and I wanted people to have places to sit and eat and since our home is smaller I wanted to leave the dining table for adults.  The kitchen table and bar were full of food, and so I wanted to do a picnic style table for the little ones to sit at.  I moved my living room rug outside and laid out 2 quilts.  I placed 2 pallets on top of each other as the "table" and then decorated it.  It was PERFECT for all our little people!!  It was so simple and cost effective (free)!  Plus it allowed for easy clean up for spills (threw the quilts in the wash after the party) and allowed Mommies and Daddies to stay close by comfortably (on couches) if they were needed.   I'd highly recommend a similar set up for your next party if you are tying to decide on seating for little ones.

For a "thank you" I found a little tutorial on how to make little paper bags look like bunny ears and we stuffed them full of bubbles and candy:

It was such a fun little sweet party.  We had a blast celebrating with friends and family and Preslee sure did love her little bunny party!

 Enjoying breakfast with friends:


 Cupcake time {Preslee's expressions are absolutely priceless}:

Overall we had a blast!  I loved celebrating my little Ray girl.  She is so much fun and so silly and I think she had a great time, so I count that as a win!