Thursday, June 23, 2016

Easter 2016

Well this year, we started out our Easter weekend with some good old fashioned egg dying!  Everyone got in on the action!  The girls were loving the stickers on the eggs this year.

We went ahead and did our official Easter picture on the Saturday before so we wouldn't be rushing around Sunday after church services.  We did that last year too & it worked great!   Here is the official 2016 picture:

And just for fun here are all the previous years that we have taken pictures in front of "our" wall:

It's fun to see how our family has changed through the years.

We took so many pictures that day. It's always a beating trying to get everyone to just look in the general direction of the camera let alone get everyone to smile.  Mom takes our picture each year, and Baba comes to try to get everyone to look and smile.  Preslee wore me out this year.  She just wanted to do her own thing this year.  She must have been almost two-- ha! Here are a few others from the day:

Chantzlyn was sporting her bunny outfit the rest of the day looking all kinds of adorable.  It's been a hand-me- through all the girls:

We were blessed to have Aunt Kristal, Binky, Braxton, and Mikalie come in town (Not Mike or Cason. Cason had a basketball tournament back in College Station).  Everyone got their Easter baskets ready the night before:

Here were the baskets after the Easter Bunny filled them all up while everyone was asleep:

Kennedie's basket

Preslee's basket

Sawyer's basket

Chantzlyn's basket

Eggs filled with candy ready to hide after church services

Easter morning digging through baskets:

We had to bring Braxton his basket in bed.  He wasn't as giddy as the girls were to get up to see what the Easter bunny brought!
Kristal, Braxton, and Mikalie took off after church services to get back home.  Binky, Cowboy, Bee, Momma Jean, and Poppa all came back to our house for Easter lunch and an egg hunt.  It was pretty chilly that day, so the girls are in coats hunting eggs, ha!  We let Preslee go out to search for eggs first and then a few minutes later Sawyer, and then a few minutes later Preslee. Chantzlyn was pooped from the morning activities and was in her bed napping! Grandparents started adding money to the eggs to add some more excitement and I was tempted to start hunting too!

Easter 2016 was filled with so many fun memories!  I'm so thankful for our family and all the fun we have together!

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