Friday, June 24, 2016

Chantzlyn's Officially Official

April 15, 2016 was a pretty special day in our family.  We got to go to court to make Chantzlyn Hope officially apart of our family.  Of course we all know that she's been apart of our family since before she was born, but she was officially recognized by the state of Texas as our daughter.  It was a pretty awesome day!!  There were lots of smiles & happy tears!

{If you want to go back and read Chantzlyn's birth story then go HERE.}

We had to go to court in Fort Worth and my mom, sister, Lantz's mom, and Gail (Chantzlyn's birth grandmother) all came in town for the big event.  We met beforehand at the food trucks in Fort Worth to spend a little time together before we went into the courthouse. 

Once we got there we had to go over what the judge would say, what we would say, and what the girl asking the questions (lawyer?) would say.  We went over all the protocol and then waited with about 10 other families who would all make their adoptions final that day too. It was so fun to watch all the other families waiting too. It was a day filled with joy for all of us.  

Here is a picture right before we went into the courtroom:

All the families piled into the courtroom together and we just found a seat wherever. We found one close to the window.  The courtroom was filled with stuffed animals, and Preslee just loved that!  

Mom snagged a few pictures of us all lined up seated for our turn:

Heather took a few of Chantzlyn and then some of the two of us together. I was over the moon excited & I think Chantz was too:

Then the judge called each family up one at a time.  I think we were second or third-- I can't remember exactly, but very near the beginning. There were lots of happy tears and smiles & I loved that the judge had everyone stand up front that came in support-- so our family of 6, my mom, my sister, Lantz's mom, and sweet Gail.  I think Lantz and I both lost it with some ugly cries when they asked if we promised to love Chantzlyn for the rest of our lives.  YES!!!! OF COURSE!!!

When the judge finished and hit that gavel and pronounced "Chantzlyn Hope Howard" ours and started clapping it had to have been one of the best moments of my life.  So much joy knowing she would be ours forever!

After that the judge had us all come up to his stand to take a picture with him.  He wanted to hold Chantzlyn.  He was the sweetest!  

After the picture opp he told each of the girls to take a stuffed animal to remember the special day and to make sure to pick one out for Chantzlyn. Kennedie picked at colorful horse, Prelee picked out a frog for herself and picked up a super cute brown teddy bear and handed it to Chantzlyn (so sweet) and Sawyer was in a bit of a mood and wouldn't pick out anything.  I figured she'd later regret not having gotten something, so I snagged a puppy for her. We went to a back room for cookies & more pictures:

 It was such a blessed day!  I'm so thankful for all four of my sweet girls! 

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