Monday, June 13, 2016

Chantzlyn is 8 Months Old!

I can't believe my precious pint is already 8 months old {last week (we were at camp Kadesh and so I couldn't write about this milestone)}.   This fun little monkey is coming out of her shell and it has been so fun to watch her little personality bloom! 

Chantzlyn Hope:

- This month it seems you have really mastered the art of sitting up.  At the beginning of the month you could barely keep your balance for more than10-20 seconds, and now you can sit up for minutes at a time.  Occasionally you will still bonk over to a side, but mainly your core will start to get a little tired and you'l slowly start to face plant down to the floor in front of you.  But you look so cute sitting up.  Your little legs are so short and you've got the cutest little rolls starting to develop and they just look precious when you are sitting.
- You are still sleeping through the night and I'm LOVING having my full night's rest back! Yay!
- Speaking of sleeping, now lots of times when I lay you down you will roll over to you side to sleep or most times roll over to your tummy to sleep even though I lay you down on your back. 
- You are up around 7:00 most mornings and down for a morning nap by 11.  You'll nap for a good two hours and then you nap again for about an hour in the afternoon and then another hour in the late evening.  You've been going down around 8:30- 9:30 at night. 
- This month you dropped a breastfeeding and so now you are eating about every 3 & 1/2 hours 5 times a day. 
- You got to go to camp for the first time this month! Yay!  You came with us all to Kadesh at ACU last week and you did great!  You got to spend most of the day with our sweet college girls who were on childcare, but I still got to breastfeed you, see you at all 3 meals, and see you for a few hours of free time each day.  You really did great! 
- You are really branching out in your baby food!  You have now added corn, broccoli, strawberries, peaches, mangos, chicken, and carrots to your list of foods you have eaten.  Bananas are still your favorite, but strawberries make you happy too!
- You are really getting bigger!! I think sometime over the next week or two I'm going to have to rotate you out of the 0-3 month clothing and move you into the 3-6 month clothing.  You have moved into size 2 diapers this month also!
- You still have very striking blue eyes and you have a very teeny tiny amount of blond hair.  Everyone always comments on your beauty!  You are for sure a gorgeous little baby!
- You still do no like to put pressure on your legs.  You like to raise them up and not stand.  Occasionally you'll push down on them, but not often. 
- You really love to be held ... to the point that you are most certainly spoiled! I'll take it though!  I love to hold you and snuggle you!
- When you are on your belly for some tummy time you like to raise your head up and look around.  It looks like you could almost do some army crawling, but you are not close to that yet. 

My darling little baby girl, oh how your personality is starting to shine through!  You are such a little joy to be around!  Your smile lights up a room!  My heart melts every time I get close to you and you grab my face and pull it close to you and open your mouth so big to give me kisses. I could just fall apart every single time you do that!  You are my little doll baby and I love you so much! My heart is so full and words seem insufficient to describe what I feel for you.  I love you more than I could ever say sweet girl!

This one..... sweet girl.... because it's not always peaches and ice-cream!

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