Saturday, May 7, 2016

Chantzlyn is 7 Months Old Today!!

My, oh my!  Where or where does that crazy time go?!  It just keeps slipping away faster and faster! I can't believe my baby girl is already 7 months old!  She is officially closer to being 1 than being a newborn! Ah!  I don't think I can handle that stat right now!  Here is a little bit about my sweet girl this month:

Chantzlyn Hope:
- This was a BIG month for you!  The state of Texas will now officially recognize you as Howard girl! Yay! You were so big in the courtroom!  You did great in front of the judge even considering you were running a small fever.  I thought you were trying to get your sister's cold, but no... low and behold you were teething!
-Which brings us to exciting fact #2: TEETH!  Yes, 2 little bottom teeth barely poking through and giving that adorable grin of yours a little more character!  You are precious, and even with the snot and low grade fever you handled it like a champ! (Just a little extra fussy which is to be expected!)
- I think I'm going to go ahead and say that you are officially sleeping through the night! {I'm holding my fingers tight as I type that!} So far the last 2 weeks you have been doing great!  The few times you have woken up you have fussed just a tiny bit and gone back to sleep all on your own! Extra YAY for that!  Thank you for that early Mother's Day gift!
- Another big event is that you have started sitting up for just a few seconds by yourself... maybe up to ten seconds.  You soon realize what you are doing and you start to topple over.  You just laugh at yourself and think you are so funny!
- You have really started to fill out this month!  I think all those solids are really helping you grow!  I mean.... those little wrinkled knees get me every time!
- Now even though you are getting bigger, you are still in your 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.
- You are starting to roll over more when I lay you down.  When I put you on your tummy for some tummy time your little neck and lower back are getting so strong now that you can lift yourself up for a few minutes now.  You have started to move your hands up under you some and kick your feet, but I think you are still far off from crawling.  You can roll over to your side, but you are not "rolling around" or anything.
- You are starting to get a teeny-tiny amount of more hair and it seems to be coming in pretty blond on the top and sides.  The back looks a bit more auburn.  Your eye lashes really seem to be filling in more and getting thicker too! Speaking of eyes, your eyes are still very blue!
- You still raise your legs up if I try to have you "stand."  You do not like the idea of standing up that's for sure.
- You are now eating peas, rice cereal (mixed in with things because you don't really like it), bananas (your favorite hands down!), avocado, sweet potato, apples, and squash.  You are doing great with your solids!
- You are still nursing 6 times a day and doing such a good job. You still very much enjoy my breastmilk.
- You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your sisters and I love watching you watch them!  If the big girls are in the toy room playing, you love to sit in your bumbo and watch them.
- You love it when someone is singing.  Your eyes automatically lock in and just smile if you hear someone singing.  It's so sweet!
-You are trying to find your voice more and more and you are trying to talk and mimic sounds and facial expressions.
- When you are really tired, sometimes you will just fall asleep in your bumbo chair-- sometimes without a fuss.  We'll just look over and you will be asleep. It's so funny!
- You are still chewing/sucking on your thumb, fingers, or fist and you still don't take a pacifier.
- Sometimes when you smile so big you squint your eyes and and your gums go straight together with the biggest grin ever! It's SO cute!

Precious little baby girl of mine, my heart is so rich with love for you.  Your gorgeous little smile can light up any room that you are in.  Your giggle is priceless and unmatched and your eyes sparkle when you smile.  You are such a sweet, sweet little cuddle baby.  My heart is so full when you cuddle up in my neck when you are over my shoulder.... it's so sweet when you duck your little head right into the crevice of my neck.  Sweet girl you melt my heart when you smile when you see me.  I'm so thankful for you every single day.  I love you more than I could ever put into words.  

Court room smiles!


Sneak peek at 6 month portraits!  That grin though!

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