Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I love that I have some pictures of all 4 of my girls in the same outfit.  It's fun to see how they look alike or different, and it's especially fun to see some similarities in Chantzlyn even though she has different DNA.  It's also interesting to see how different they all are-- even if some share the same DNA! Ha!

These were all taken when the girls were around 3 months old.  Some maybe a tad sooner and some maybe a tad later, but roughly all about 3 months old. Some of the pictures are out of birth order, but you'll get the idea.  And there is different coloring to the pictures & some backgrounds are different, but again- you get the gist.

This next set shows a blue dress that I had when I was a baby:

The next one I don't have one of Kennedie in this dress, but it was mine when I was a baby also:

The next set is really special, because I have a picture of myself in the dress when I was a baby, and now one of all four of my girls sporting it:

Pretty fun!  Love all 4 of my girls & each of their unique features!

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