Saturday, April 23, 2016

Preslee Ray is 2 Years Old!

I can't believe my fun and sassy little Preslee Ray is already TWO years old today!  We got to celebrate her birthday last Saturday, but we celebrate her every day for her unique and fun personality!  This fun girl keeps us on our toes and helps us smile all day long.  It all goes by so fast, but I'm so thankful for every minute with her. Here is a little about our girls this month:


- The funniest thing this month is that whenever anyone asks you your name you ALWAYS reply, "Abby."  Plain as day, no question about it. You tell anyone and everyone who asks you your name.  You don't skip a beat.  It's, "Abby."  {I don't know where you came up with it.  Papa and Nana's dog's name is Abby.  Sometimes you will play babies with your big sisters and they will come up with play names for each other and their babies, so maybe one day your play name was "Abby."  Whatever the case, you think your name is "Abby."} You will still answer to Preslee, and I know that you know that is your name, but you tell anyone who asks that it's, "Abby."  You also tell anyone who asks you how old you are, that you "4."  Again, you don't skip a beat, you always answer "4."  I will correct you and sometimes you'll then say, "2," but most of the time you continue to say, "4."  Oh it's so funny!  I love my little "4 year old Abby!"
- With that being said, you are so vocal. I can't even keep up with what you can say these days, because you pretty much say it all.
- You occasionally still throw a fit at nap time or bed time, but mostly you go down pretty easy.
- You are wearing size 2T clothes and size 6-7 shoes.
- You love all things outside-- from bubbles, to walks, to bugs, to swings, to slides, you love it all!
- Speaking of outside, lately when we go on family walks, you would much rather be out of the stroller walking then riding these days.
- You are still using the potty at your own whim.  I've just been too lazy to stick to a week of just letting you wear panties and helping you potty. Anytime I sit you down on the potty you will go, but you don't like stoping playing to go.  Sometimes you will tell me when you need to potty, but if I'm not asking then you are pretty much not telling because you've got too many things to do and play with to stop and go potty.  Yesterday you actually told me that you needed to "poopy"and so I sat you on the potty and you pooped.  It was a big celebration! I told you, "Way to go Idaho!" {A line from Toy Story.} And all day you kept saying, "Way a go I-aho!"  It was so cute!
-You have officially entered the "I do it" phase.  You want to do try to do everything yourself and Mommy has to have an extra dose of patience.
- You are still so outgoing and friendly.  You like to everyone and say "hi."
- You are still our early riser.  You tend to be the first Howard girl out of bed in the morning.  Not all mornings, but most.
- You really enjoy saying the prayer before a meal.  Seems like most of the times you will volunteer to say it, or if someone else says it then you will ask to say one too after the first person is done.
- You like to try to say the memory Bible verse like your sisters.  You are really good at it and it's so cute!!
- If it gets too quiet in the house I know to try to find YOU first (as opposed to your sisters), because that most likely means you are definitely into something that you are not supposed to be in.

My fun-loving, wild thing, Preslee Ray, you are such a joy to have as a daughter.  You keep me on my toes every day and always make me laugh!  You are such a little ham and do anything you can to get a laugh or a smile out of us.  You are two today, but I think in your head you've been two (or older) for awhile now.  You try so hard to keep up with your big sisters, but you also want to be held like your baby sister.  You are such a free spirit and go with flow most days.  You like to jump high, to run fast, and dance with joy!  You make me so happy and so proud to be your Mommy!  I love you more than words could ever express.  My heart has grown exponentially being your mother and I'm so grateful that I'm the one you call, "Mommy."  You are still my ray of sunshine every day.  I love you so much! 

From your bunny party last week!

You were so excited about your party!

Birthday donut this morning. You picked a ladybug!

All done with the ladybug donut!  The aftermath!

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