Thursday, April 7, 2016

Chantzlyn is 6 Months Old

I really can't believe that my baby girl is already 6 months old!!!  It feels like yesterday that we got to bring her home from the hospital.  It amazes me each month how quickly it all goes!  Chantzlyn is such a sweet baby and I love her with my whole heart and I am thankful everyday for how she completes our family!  Below is a little bit about our girl this month:

My cherished little Chantzlyn:

- This past month your biggest accomplishment has been the fact that you started eating solids.  You have done a great job with them.  So far you have had rice cereal and peas with some tiny tastes of bananas (and Cowboy may or may not have given you a lick of his Tootsie Pop sucker).  You do much better with the peas than the rice cereal, but you already know what a banana is and get so excited when you see one.  If I open a banana to eat, you will start kicking your legs and then start fussing if I don't give you a little taste.  You continue to let me know that you want more after you have gotten a taste and I don't give you another one soon after.  It's pretty cute!
- You are still breastfeeding every three hours during the day.  Your last feeding of the day is about 10:00 at night but you are still getting up at 4:30 about 4 nights a week to eat.
- So, occasionally I get to sleep until my alarm, but it seems like more often than not your body is like clock work and wanting to eat again at exactly 4:30.  (Occasionally it's 3:30, but almost always it's 4:30.) I thought you would do better once on solids, because I thought you'd get more "stick" on your tummy to last you longer, but it really hasn't seemed to make a difference. About 4 to 6 times a week I am up with you before 5:00am.
- Speaking of night time, I love on your last feeding (10:00) you will put your hands over your eyes while you eat.  It's like your trying to block out any last bit of light and saying goodnight.  It's so sweet to see your tiny little fingers trying to cover each one of your eyes.... I just love to look down and see you like that..... it's like the sweetest, most precious thing ever@!
- You really don't take a pacifier.  You don't care for it at all.  Most of the time you make a "gross" face and spit it out.  You much prefer your fist, your fingers, or if I dare say, your thumb!
-When we I lay you down, most of the time you roll straight to your left side.
-When you roll onto your tummy now, you will put your head up and arch your back and look around.  Your neck and back are getting so strong.  You have no idea what to do with your feet or arms or that there could possibly be any movement in that position, but you sure do love to look around.
- I love catching glimpses of you in my rearview mirror (plus your mirror) in the car.  It's so fun to watch you look at your sisters.  You will just laugh and smile at them!  It's so sweet!
- You are still in 0-3 month clothing and size 1 diapers.  You are petite, but packed with sweetness!  You have started to get the teeniest, tiniest little rolls on your legs and I could just gobble them up they look so adorable!  We will take you to the doctor next week for your check up, but I'm guessing you are about 13 or 14 pounds now.
- Your eyes are still very blue and you still have barely any hair at all.  I love that you are my little bald-headed baby!  I was bald until I was two and so it's nice to have you take after me a little!
- You do not like to put pressure on your feet, in fact it is completely rare if you put any pressure on your feet at all. You do not like to stand and you do not like the encouragement to try to have you put pressure on your feet. You are perfectly content and happy being held.... I have a feeling you may be my latest walker, in true baby of the family style. :)
-Speaking of being held, you still very much like to be held and walk around.  The whole sitting thing is for the birds in your opinion.  You love to ride in the Baby Bjourn.
-I love how you will lean into me with your mouth wide open trying to give me a kiss. It is the best thing ever!

My precious Chantzlyn Hope I cannot believe that this day is already here!  It is so crazy to me that you are already a half of a year old!  It just doesn't seem possible that you are already this big!  I guess you'll always be my baby though- no matter how old you are.  You are the sweetest little thing and I just love you so much! You are so fun and so cuddly!  I love how your little personality is developing and how you are quick to share a smile or a laugh at something you like or you are quick to fuss for us if you don't like something.  You have no problem letting us know what you think.  You are already wanting to keep up with your sisters.  You definitely like to be in the toy room "playing" when they are in there and you are on the constant watch at whatever they may be doing.  I love how your face lights up when you see your Daddy, but I love it more when it lights up when you see me!  You are so sweet and every day my heart feels so much joy because of you.  I am so thankful to be your Mommy.  You make our family complete and I love you more than you'll ever know my precious little sweet one. 

{Note the fist in the mouth....}

{Every 'bunny' loves me!}

{Note fist in mouth.}

{Note the fingers in mouth.}

{First taste of rice cereal... win!}

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