Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Random Beginning of the Year Happenings

I wish I could tell you something super fun we did on New Years Eve, but honestly we just went to bed early I think. Ha!  The joy of getting old! Actually, I think we headed to College Station on New Years Eve to hang out for a few days with family.  We wanted to get to one of Braxton's basketball games before the end of the season.  Why I don't have a picture from that weekend is beyond me, but we had a great time for a short trip!

In the early part of January, Kennedie ended up getting Impetigo and man-- it was yucky!  I had never heard of it before, but it just took over her sweet little face.  I felt so bad for her.   We got her on an antibiotic medication and luckily she only had to miss one day of school.  Even with the sores, she is so beautiful:

I already blogged about this in Chantzlyn's 4 month post, but at about 3 & a half months old I pumped her first bottle for her.  I was going to be away from her for a day, and needed to make sure that she would take a bottle.  Of course, Daddy had to be the first to give the bottle... but needless to say there were some very willing hands ready to help! Ha!

In the middle of January Kristal & Mikalie came to stay with us for the weekend.  I don't remember what the reason was for the visit, but boy-howdy did the girls have a great time!! And again... no picture. What!?  Lantz also preached that Sunday, and of course us girls were super proud of him.  He always does a great job at letting the Spirit use him to deliver a relevant message.

The next weekend in January we were blessed to be able to spend some quality time with our sweet friends, the Kimberlins. Remember, they are tracking along at the same pace as far as kids as we are... we are just waiting for them to get to #4 already.  :) This was our first picture with Chantzlyn in the mix:

I mean... they are getting SO big!  I love that we have pictures dating back to the start of it all... pre kids & then Kennedie & Eli in the belly and so on to the above picture.  My how it has changed... and gone by so fast!!  Surely out of them all, we'll have one marriage and get to be family!

Found this sweet gem of Daddy & Chantzlyn:

And then, of course, after the girls saw me with the camera- everyone wanted a picture with Daddy! Because let's face it... I live in a house with Daddy's fan club!  Everyone's a Daddy's girl! I wouldn't have it any other way though:

And this is completely random & doesn't fit in the time sequence at all, but I found this sweet picture of Lantz & me back in September.  We got to go with the Kimberlins to a benefit dinner down in Dallas to support Christian Works.  It was fun to get all dressed up & spend time with friends:

We welcomed February off with a bang with 100 days of school!  I gave Kennedie a few ideas to choose from to represent this day at school. She picked goldfish.  She did a great job counting out 100 and glueing them down. Pretty cute... the fish too!

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