Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Preslee is 23 Months

Y'all.  We are one month from TWO! Two, y'all!  I don't even know if I'm ready for this.  Two. Ugh. Seems so big!!!  But, my Preslee reminds me every day how big she's getting, and she works so hard to keep up with her big sisters.   I mean I seriously can't imagine my life without this fun, sassy, outgoing, and sweet little girl of mine!  A little about this past month:

- Well, as I wrote in the last blog, you are still loving to "weee high" or "swing high."  Only this past month you have started to swing on big swings and not just your "baby" swing.  It's so cute to see you get so excited about swinging high.  We can literally leave you in the swing for over an hour and you are perfectly content. It's so sweet.
- You are still having a hard time at naps and at night falling asleep. It's like you are just on a go-go-go mod all day and you just aren't ready to stop yet.  But... within about 5 minutes of throwing a fit you are pretty much out of it and passed out asleep.  Lately when we come in your room after you've gone to sleep we will find you passed out on the floor.
- Half the time when you fall asleep you get mad if we hand you your bunny or your blanket and you throw them on the floor and say, "No want it  Mommy!"  Then not long after you are asking for them to fall asleep.  Either way once you get up you are reaching to find them and you will  come stumbling into the living room after sleep time cuddling both of them still.
- Your vocabulary expands daily and I really can't keep up with what you are saying and what you are not saying, because you pretty much try to say everything.  The cutest thing is that I've been calling you my "wild thing" and then I sing the song to you and you LOVE it!  You start to sing it and my heart just skips a beat!  "Wil than mate my hot ting... you mate ting doovey."  Ahhh! So precious! The "doovey" just gets to me!
- I guess you are potty training-ish.  If I would commit then I know you could get the hang of it.  Every time I put you on the potty you will go, and lots of time you will tell me "poopy Mommy" either when you need to go #1 or after you have already poopied.  Sometimes you will tell me before you poop and you'll actually go on the potty. One time I found you on the potty all by yourself with your diaper off sitting on the potty pooping all by yourself. You are so big!
- You want to buckle the top of your car seat when we get in the car.
- Most days you eat a very big breakfast and don't want to eat any lunch and then a little for dinner.  You are just a big morning eater and you don't have much of an appetite in the middle of the day.
- You are ready to wear 2T clothes, but I haven't rotated out the summer and winter things yet so you are still in those 18 month clothes probably until next week when I sit down and rotate out your clothes. You are wearing a 7 in shoes, but same thing... you are still squeezing into some of you 6 shoes just because I haven't gotten down the summer  size 7 shoes. :) It's coming.
- You are still typically our first one to rise and shine in the morning. You are our early bird. Sometime before 6:30.
- Sometimes I can get you to sit still for a picture, but most times you are on the go.
- You are still so outgoing and fearless. You are ready to conquer the world.
- You are so friendly.  We had some people here working on our bathroom for a few days straight, and every time you walked by the bathroom you said, "hi!"  Every. Single. Time.  So, sweet.
- You constantly keep us on our toes and laughing.  You are our silly goose & love to get a good laugh, but you are also stubborn & mischievous and like to get into things.

My fun little "Wild Thing," Preslee Ray, words can't begin to explain how much I love you!  You are so much fun!  You keep me laughing and I love your sweet little smile with your adorable little dimple! You love to play and explore and swing.  I love your free spirit and how friendly you are.  You are goofy and playful and you laugh is absolutely contagious! I love you so big sweet girl and I really can't believe you are about to be two. I'm just not sure I'm ready to admit how quickly you are growing up.  I'm so thankful for you every day.  I love you more than I could ever tell you.  

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