Monday, March 14, 2016

Kennedie's School Valentines Party

I was able to volunteer for Kennedie's Valentines school party this year.  It's set up a bit different at her school.  There are only a few parent volunteers for each class and all the classes rotate to the different Kindergarten rooms while the parent volunteers stay in the same room and host the activity for each class.  I snuck off during each activity to snag a picture of K in each of the different rooms.  

Here she is making a Valentines card with a special message & working on her handwriting:

Then they got to play sight word Bingo with foam hearts:

 Then she went to a room for a science lesson on making a pink sparkle silly-putty:

 If you can see in the picture below they had a bean bag type toss through hearts in the background and when they were done tossing they had a color by letter sheet. I missed K tossing the bean bag, but tried to get a picture of her coloring with the heart in the background:

 Then she got to go to a room where she practiced her graphing skills by using conversation hearts:

They also exchanged Valentines with their classmates, but I totally forgot to snag a picture of them walking around and putting cards in each other's boxes/bags.

Here she is with one of her buddies, Cheney:

And of course she had to take a picture with her favorite teacher, Mrs. Lopez:

And a silly face:

It was so fun to watch Kennedie in her element.  I am so proud of how far she has come this year and just so thankful that she has made such great friends and has such an awesome teacher! 

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