Thursday, February 25, 2016

Santa Presents 2015

Christmas morning was filled with lots of fun as all four of our girls saw what Santa brought them!  It's always such a fun time with lots of excitement!  And for some reason the small stocking gifts and candy seem to weigh in much more than the bigger gifts- ha! 

Santa's goods he brought:

Kennedie's: art set, sticker earrings, new shirt:

Sawyer's: camera, sticker earrings (You are Special, Finding Nemo, & Tenzi were family gifts):

Preslee's: Bike helmet, sticker earrings (The Princess Kiss was another family gift):

Chantzlyn's: 2 new outfits, pajamas, diapers:

Santa ate some of his cookies:

The large blow up punching balloons behind their gifts were a big hit too!  The girls loved playing with them.

Chantzlyn got up a little later than the other girls, so of course they all wanted to help show her her gifts, but clearly Chantzlyn just wanted to eat:

Such a fun morning!  After playing a bit and making some phone calls to share the excitement of Christmas morning it was time to get ready to take on the action packed, fun filled day ahead! 

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