Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Preslee is 22 Months Old

In some ways I can't believe how quickly the time is passing and that my girl is already 22 months old, but in other ways I find it hard to believe that she isn't even two yet because she just acts so much older than my other girls did at this age. She is in such a fun phase & I just want to soak up every little minute with her!

-You love to "weee high" or "dup high" -- swing high or jump high!  You have turned into a little thrill seeker & it's so cute.  It's taken you while to get to this place, because you seemed to be a scaredy cat for the longest time when it came to swinging even just a little bit, or picking you up above our heads.  Now you are always asking to "dup high" off of things or to "weee high" {er}.  We had a bounce house for Sawyer's birthday and it took you FOREVER to warm up to the idea of getting in and actually jumping.  Once you started though, you didn't want to stop.  You are not a fan of loud noises, and so I think the blowing sound scared you.  You also don't like the vacuum or the chainsaw or blower-- I think because of the noise... I think it scares you.
- I love to hear you call your sister's names, "Nee-nee," "Dawyer,""Tin-Dan" and of course your own, "Pe-eee."
- You have started the "Do it" phase.  You really want to try to do everything yourself.... including that carseat buckle.  You have mastered the top buckle and for now you are okay with me still doing the bottom one.
- You still sleep with your, "buddy" {bunny} and your "be-it" {little tiny baby cuddle blanket} but lately you have asked for your big blanket to completely cover you when you sleep.  You want it covering you from head to toe where you can't see a thing.  Lots of times when you wake you are a sweaty mess!
- You have always gone down family easy, but this last week you have had some tantrums at both nap time and bed time.  It's been a rough week as far as that goes.  I'm hoping it lets up some soon!
- The last week you have really tried to use the potty more.  You were telling me when you had a "poopy" and needed a diaper change, but yesterday you actually told me before you pooped in your diaper and so you pooped on the potty several times yesterday. You were so happy and I was so proud!  Sometimes you'll even wake up dry from your nap.
- You weigh about 25 pounds and are still wearing size 18 month clothing with a few 2Ts, and some size 6 shoes & some size 7s.  You are getting so big!
- You have been waking up really early lately.... somewhere between 5:30-6:15 typically. You only take one nap a day in the late morning time and it's typically about 2 hours-- sometimes less, sometimes more.
- You have been singing so much this month!  I love to hear you sing "Jesus Loves Me."  You can almost sing the whole thing & it melts my heart!  You also like to sing, "I'm in the Lord's Army" with your sisters.  You get so excited! You and Sawyer like to stand on the step of my bath tub and sing it loudly!
- When you are being disciplined you understand completely what is going on. You understand why you are sitting in time-out on your bed and you understand me when I try to talk to you about why you had to sit in time out.  While I'm talking, you will respond at the appropriate times and say, "Mem-meml," {Yes ma'am.}  I mean... it is the sweetest and most precious little thing out of your mouth.  I can't get enough of when you answer that way.  Sometimes even when you are not in trouble you will answer me that way, and I LOVE it!
- You have started saying the prayers this month and you can almost say the whole thing by yourself. It typically goes something like this, "Dod, tenk-you... Daddy, Mommy, Dawyer, Nee-Nee, Pe-eee, Tin-Dan, Daddy, doup, wata, Daddy, Amen!"  SO sweet!  Translation: "God, thank you... Daddy, Mommy, Sawyer, Kennedie, Preslee, Chantzlyn, Daddy, soup, water, Daddy, Amen!"  It's just so cute!
- You like to sneak into the bathroom and either get into the toothpaste, the toilet paper, or even hands in the potty! Yuck!
- You have such a bold and vibrant personality!  You are not afraid of much which scares me to death!  You walk around the church building like you own the place.  If your sisters make you mad, you are quick to fight.  We have really had to try to work with your this month on not hitting, biting, or kicking.  We talk about gentle hands, gentle feet, and a gentle mouth.  Shame on anyone who gets in your way!
- When we read stories lots of times you like it when I hold your finger and point to the words like Kennedie does.  I think it makes you feel like a big girl.
- You love bananas and your "ye-yay" {la-lecha, aka: milk} and all things sweet!  You eat pretty good for the most part, but you have times where you struggle to eat some of the healthier things on your plate.  You definitely like carbs like your Mommy and sweets like both your Mommy & Daddy!
-You have not liked having your picture made this month.  It has been hard to try to snap some because you are always on the go! {Hence the lack of pictures in this blog!}

Oh my fun-loving little Preslee!  Where do I even start to begin to describe my love for you?! You are a treasure in my heart and one that no other could ever take the place of!  You are SO, SO, SO fun!  You are our little turkey and you keep us on our toes and keep us laughing!  You really are our RAY of sunshine!  You also have such a servant heart as you desire to "hop you" {help us} in whatever we are doing.  You are such a good big sister to Chantzlyn and always want to hold her or give her hugs or kisses and you show deep concern when she is crying.  You are a good little sister too!  You always like to try to play right along side your big sisters and do your very best to keep up! Your little dimpled smile just melts my heart and I love you to pieces.  I'm so very thankful that I get to be your Mommy!  I love you so much baby girl & you make me so happy!

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