Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kennedie's Winter Class Party

Back in December Kennedie had her Kindergarten winter class party.  I was blessed to be able to volunteer for the afternoon & see a little of the fun! The parents stayed in one class while the kids rotated through the different stations, but I did sneak off to take pictures of K at each place. :)  Below are pictures from some of the fun.

First off they got to dress in their winter pajamas for the fun!  Here is Kennedie participating in a "snow ball fight."  It's really just wadded up newspaper:

They participated in a book exchange, and this is the book Kennedie walked away with.  It's pretty cute:

Of course, cookie decorating:

Finally, they got to make a jingle bell necklace:

It was a super fun time & again I'm so grateful for Kennedie's school & her sweet teacher!

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