Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Halloween 2015

Back in October... hum.... yes, October... we had some fun Halloween celebrations!

First off Kennedie got to bring home a little stuffed Mike Wazoski from school.  The point was similar to a "Flat Stanley" type project.  He got to hang out for a week and then she wrote about what he did and put pictures in a notebook that went back to school and went home with another student the next week.

She brought him to a High Pointe in the park night where we served hot dogs at a local park to people:

Then she brought him with her to Bible class:

Kennedie brought him to our church Trunk of Treats too and this is where the Halloween fun begins.  It just so happened that the 3 big girls dressed in "Monsters Inc." Mike, Sully, and Boo.  And it just so happened that Kennedie was Mike Wazoski:

We had lots of fun with friends!  Kennedie and her buddy from church had so much fun on the blow up double slide!  Sawyer was NOT a fan of the slide and I may have had to climb up the ladder to get her down. :( She did however have fun in the toddler bounce house & obstacle course.  Preslee just tried to keep up and Chantzlyn snoozed in the stroller.

And there may have been goats there....

and Kennedie even had one of her best friends from school, Lia, come join in on the fun!   And they may have enjoyed the huge blow up slide together too!

I mean-- pure joy!!!  So fun!

Kennedie even brought Mike Wazoski to basketball practice one afternoon:

Since Halloween was on a Saturday, we went on Friday to Mom's work to do some Trick-or-Treating in her office:

On Halloween we started off the festivities going to Momma Jean and Poppa's for some Trick-or-Treating:

The we went over to Mom's church for a little pre-Halloween dinner and got pictures with Baba and Ooh-Daddy:

We took the girls Trick-or-Treating in the neighborhood and then they got so excited to go back home and pass out candy to neighbors:

All in all we had loads of fun!!

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