Monday, February 22, 2016

First Christmas Celebration of 2015

Well, we really like to celebrate Christmas in our household!  It's always a joy to be surrounded by family, eat great food, laugh hard, and love lots!  This year was no exception to be merry and bright!  First off, I'd love to share our gorgeous Christmas cards that my sweet friend Natalie at Topsy Turvy Designs created for us.  I LOVE them!  They were by far one of my favorites!  And it may have had something to do with the fact that our family is finally complete!  This year's card doubled as both a birth announcement and Christmas greeting.

I wish we could have mailed out a thousand and sent them to everyone we know, but unfortunately cards cost money and we didn't have an unending amount laying around.  It was cheaper however for us to do a "fancy" card like this versus sending both a birth announcement and a Christmas card. Score! It's kinda hard to get the full effect when it's not folded and in your hands, but the "H" was the front and you unfolded it once to see Chantzlyn cuddled up in a white blanket on the left and all 4 of the girls on the right. Then you unfold the picture of all 4 girls to read Chantzlyn's birth information and her picture with her laying on her arms with the yellow flower on the right.  On the very back is our whole family.  It was super sweet!

So, our first celebration for this year's festivities was a few weeks before Christmas at Lantz's Aunt Dee's house, just outside of Abilene.  We drove in Friday and were able to have dinner with Jess {Chantzlyn's birth mom} and her son Brayden and hang out for a little while at her new house.  It was so nice to catch up a bit  and I wish that I had snagged a picture, but I forgot amidst the fun.

From Jess's we headed out to Aunt Dee's to pretty much get the girls settled and in bed.  We enjoyed playing, eating, opening presents, and hanging out together all day Saturday.  Below are a few pictures I took from the day.

Gift exchanges:

I mean.... I die over this sweet cheeser Preslee gave me:

All the kids read a story and passed treat bags when a certain word was read. It was super cute & fun:

Of course Lantz had fun taking the 3 big girls on 4 wheeler rides:

Preslee wasn't a fan:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one of all the 2nd cousins together:

Gingerbread house decorating:

And just so everyone knows... I was there to:

It was, as always, a blessed & fun time to be with family.  I truly am so grateful that we live so close to family that we get to spend quality time together & that my girls are so fortunate to have so many people who love and care for them.  Thank you Lord for the blessing of such a wonderful family. 

I wish we could have had more time to spend with everyone, but we got up early on Sunday morning and were able to go to church Jess & Brayden and we caught a quick lunch before heading back home to be back in town for our church's angel tree festivities.

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