Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Christmas Musical 2015

This year Kennedie was able to participate in our children's ministry Christmas musical.  We have watched the last three years and Kennedie has been nothing but excited about being able to participate.  Well, low and behold this past Christmas finally arrive and it was her turn to shine!  

But... things didn't really go as we expected them to.  They started practicing back in September or October, and at each practice, Kennedie either sat and cried or she just stood there and did nothing.  She would come home and we would play the CD in the car and she would sing her little heart out and act excited and talk about wanting to be "Lydia" one of the leads, and then she would show up for practice each week.... and nothing.  Boo! 

I thought she'd eventually come out of her shell and rock it, especially since she did such a great job on stage in front of a ton of people for her Christmas program at school the year before.  

Well.... I was wrong.  We tried talking it out, ignoring it, bribing her for months.  Nothing seemed to help her want to participate and sure enough even on stage she just stood and did nothing.  She knew every word and only missed 1 practice and she just stood there.  She didn't even sing.... or move.  I felt so bad for her because I just wanted her to loosen up & have fun.  

Of course I still was like the Momarazzi with my camera taking like 20 million pictures of my baby girl looking so cute! I was so proud she didn't cry and stood there bravely! 

It was the cutest little show called, Camelot.  It was about a girl who had a dream that her dad worked at Camelot- like a car dealership but they sold camels.  It was set back during the birth of Jesus and it all revolved around the good news in Bethlehem about the new King being born.  So, so, so cute!  And of course even just standing there without singing or moving my sweet girl was the cutest little camel that you ever have seen! 

I hope that next year it will be a little different story for my sweet big girl.  I'm hoping she'll know the drill next year and will rock it like I know she wanted to!  But, if she doesn't-- I love her & am SO proud of her no matter what! 

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