Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chantzlyn's First Week Home & ACU Homecoming

The week after we brought Chantzlyn home was a complete whirlwind of a time.  Of course we were adjusting to life with FOUR girls {I mean, let's be real... we are still adjusting! Ha!}, and we were getting to introduce our precious little angel baby to everyone.

Momma Jean, my dad's mom, came by to meet sweet Chantzlyn first and of course the big girls couldn't wait to introduce their new baby sister:

Then we were lucky enough to have Aunt Feather come in town all the way from Arkansas to meet her new niece:

My Aunt Darla came by to meet her newest great niece:

Baba, my mom's mom came by to meet her newest great granddaughter:

Papa, Lantz's dad came by to meet his newest granddaughter and his name sake ... carrying on the "ntz":

We had to get an official "first 'ntz'" picture of Frantz, Lantz, and Chantzlyn:

And of course Papa had to get in a little backyard play with the big girls while Daddy cuddled Chantzlyn:

Chantzlyn had her first bath at home that week done of course by her daddy.  I love that each of our girls got their first bath from Lantz. They all used the same towel except for Preslee because we were living at my parents when we welcomed her because Lantz wasn't done working on our house and "the" towel was packed up. Boo! But you can see about how they each all looked after their first bath at home.  Chantzlyn was fairly content during her bath, but she clearly Chantzlyn wasn't happy about it when it was over.  Ha! I feel ya girl.

 Chantzlyn also went to church for the first time just 2 days after we brought her home from the hospital.  I was excited to let her wear my dress from when I was a baby.  It was my going home outfit that my dad picked out especially for me all on his own. It was also the dress that Preslee went home from the hospital in and the first thing she wore to church.  Can you tell I'm a bit nostalgic?

And of course big sisters were close at hand to make sure all picture taking was done properly... and to make sure that they attempted a nice photo bomb. Ha! {And I mean... let me just say that I really adore these two next "real" pictures.  It's all 4 of my babies just being themselves!}

Kennedie got her picture made one morning as we were prepping for newborn pictures.  Isn't she so pretty?!

I mean... it's rough not even being a month old:

Before we found out about Chantzlyn we had planned on going to ACU's homecoming for my ten year reunion.  We bought the older girls and ourselves Mary Poppins tickets and made arrangements. Then we found out about our sweet little fourth blessing and decided we'd keep the trip a go and figured it would be good to see Jess again after Chantzlyn was born.  And Lantz's sister's family and his mom decided to meet us there for some fun that weekend too.

On the way to Abilene, of course we had to stop so I could breastfeed Chantzlyn and that of course meant a snack break for the girls.  Lucky for them Momma packed some yummy raspberries!

We met Jess, Brayden, and Brenda for dinner Friday night for Jess's birthday, but I didn't get a picture.  We got Jess my favorite book series ever, The Mark of the Lion series. I had told Jess about it at the hospital so it was fun to share it with her.  It's SOOOO good! You should read it if you haven't. I wish I had gotten a picture. Boo!

Then Lantz and I took Kennedie, Sawyer and Chantzlyn to see Mary Poppins while Brenda took Preslee back to the ranch house we were staying at to put her down for bed. I was worried about Chantzlyn getting fussy during the show and having to climb over people (because our seats were in the middle) holding a screaming newborn. But... she did GREAT!  I just had to feed her during intermission and we were good to go. Picture before the show (Look close to see Chantzlyn... see that big pink flower bow? Yes, that's her!):

Kristal and her family drove in late Friday night and we saw them on Saturday.  We had planned on going to the ACU parade, but we didn't make it.  We had a little outdoor water pipe break when the boys were playing outside so that slowed us down.  We took our first complete cousins picture with coordinating outfits (thanks boys for complying):

And then you know that Binky couldn't wait to get in on the action!  She even just coincidently brought a matching shirt and so she jumped in the picture which then equaled an amazing canvas for her Christmas present:

And I got this sweet one of her cuddling Chantzlyn:

We made it up to ACU for chapel and I may have photo bombed on Binky's attempt to get some cute pictures of Chantzlyn sleeping:

And Aunt K & Chantzlyn after chapel:

The girls may have seen a "Siggie" {Really it was a Squig but they don't quit get that concept yet.} and might have maybe had to have a picture with her! She was all sunny from the parade. Thanks Ashton! LOVE IT (and I promise Sawyer was so excited even though the picture may not reflect her true feelings):

...and the girls might have even made it into the Gata fountain and had some fun in the bubbles!  Then Binky snapped these cutie pictures:

After playing outside for awhile, we went to the Bean, ACU's cafeteria (upon request of our girls who LOVE them some Bean food) for lunch. We ended up hanging out on campus most of the day just talking and enjoying family and a few friends that we bumped into. I pretty much didn't do much of any of the homecoming activities for my 10 year.  That's okay though, I had a great time! The girls might have even made it into the Gata fountain and had some fun in the bubbles!  And you know the girls had a good time with Mikalie:

That evening we went out to Lantz's aunt's house to spend some time with his family just outside of Abilene.  Aunt Dee had met Chantzlyn in the hospital because she had gone up there for just a few minutes while we were there, but I didn't snag a picture.  But here is one of Aunt Dee, Aunt Betty, Kristal, and Chantzlyn.  And also a picture of Mimi meeting her newest great granddaughter:

We ended the evening with a bang.. literally!  We went and watched the Homecoming firecrackers which may have started a fire in the grass beside us. Yikes!

Sunday morning we met Jess and Brayden at church at Highland and then we grabbed a quick lunch at Chicken Express before we headed back on the road to get home.  Again, fail on my part to snap a picture. :( It was great to worship with them & spend a little extra time with them and let Chantzlyn get in some Jess snuggles!

It was an action packed week full of fun and not much sleep!

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