Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chantzlyn is 4 Months Old Today

{You were so tired after church and just weren't in the mood to give me any smiles!}

I can't believe that another month has already passed by so quickly!  I feel like I just blinked and my little newborn has turned into a little happy baby girl!  There has been so much adjusting and I finally feel like we are getting the hang of this family of 6 thing and it's like... "OH, hey 4 months old! Where'd you come from?!"  Crazy.

Sweet Chantzlyn Hope:
- This month you have really started to come out of your shell as far as personality!  You have really started to belly laugh when you think something is funny {especially Mommy playing peek-a-boo!} and you are so generous with your beautiful smiles! But, you are also quick to let us know if you don't like something.  You've learn to use those vocal pipes to cry if you don't like how we are holding you or if you want to walk around and move, or if you are in your bouncer and ready to be held.  I'm loving all this new communication!
- You are still breastfeeding great every 3 hours during the day and you are really starting to fill out.  I'm loving seeing the fullness in your face and catching little glimpses of a sweet little double chin every now and then!
- Speaking of feeding, you had your first bottle this month. I know- I can't believe it took us so long to see if you'd take a bottle, but you did great!
- You have really taken to your hand this month. You love to put your hand in your mouth to suck on it or chew on it.  I'm hoping your not going to find that thumb!
- You will take your pacifier every now and then, but you really don't care for it much.  Occasionally you'll take it when you are fussy trying to fall asleep in my arms, but you don't suck on it much, but rather just let it hang out in your mouth.
- As far as sleeping, you are really starting to get close to sleeping through the night, and Mommy is excited about that!  You have slept 6 to 7 hours a night several times this month and I have certainly appreciated the sleep.  There are a few times you have progressively gotten more and more sleep and I think we are so close to breaking that barrier and then you go back to waking up around 3:00 to 3:30 for another feeding for a few days in a row- boo!  But, it's okay.  You'll get there in the time that's right for you. (I'm just hoping it's sooner rather than later.)
- Even though you are starting to fill out, you are still very tiny.  You weigh about 11 pounds I think based on our scale at home, and you are still in 0-3 month clothes primarily.  There are a few newborn things that still fit, but you have outgrown most of them.
- You really have gone from being an over the shoulder baby to enjoying facing out to see what's going on (your back to my belly).  It's like you are ready to check out the world!
- You have started sitting in your Bumbo for a few minutes at a time. You are really working hard to keep that head up on your own, but after awhile it just gets to be too heavy for you still. :)
- I really love that you are starting to have facial recognition.  I love that sometimes I'm the only one who can calm you down or that you'll smile so big if you see me walk into a room or you will smile so big when you make eye contact with Daddy.  It's so fun to see you know us!
- Your eyes are still very blue and you see to have a little bit of peach fuzz hair coming in.  It seems blond right now, but it's hard to say because there is so little of it.  It might have a small red tint to it in the right light.
- I LOVE how you are starting to watch your big sisters.  They either make you super happy or super fussy.  There isn't much in between. You really love to see what they are up to and you enjoy being in the toy room just watching them play.  Earlier this month we let them push you in their little toy stroller. They loved pretending you were their baby.  Now, by the end of this month you are just a little too big for that now.
- Your smile can really light up a room and your eyes really sparkle when you are happy! You are just so pretty!
- Your tongue has started to make an appearance every now and then and when it does you look so cute with it kinda peeping through your little lips.
- And speaking of lips I feel like you are wanting to try to give me kisses.  Ahh!  I mean I can't handle the sweetness when I'm kissing you and your little head will turn to me with your mouth open to brush against my skin.  I'm not sure you are full on giving me kisses, but I'm liking where this is going!

My charming little Chantzlyn, I truly can't believe how fast the time is going with my last little baby.  You are so sweet and so precious and I truly just am so grateful that I get to be your Mommy.  You are such a fun baby and full of so much joy!  Your little belly laugh is my favorite thing ever and your little smile quickly brings a smile to my face.  You light up a room!  My heart skips a beat when I give you kisses and you turn your mouth into my face... I totally think you are trying to send me your love back and I'm dying over the sweetness!  You are such a good little baby and words can't even begin to express my deepest love for you.  I love you so much baby girl! 

{Mommy's dress when she was little.}

{Mommy's dress when she was little... and do you see that sweet tongue?!}

{First bottle... Daddy got the privilege!}

{Big sister's had to help with that first bottle!}

{You found that hand to put in your mouth.}

{That hand it starting to creep back up to that mouth!}

{That tongue!}

{That tongue... I mean... can you handle the cuteness!}

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