Saturday, January 23, 2016

Preslee is 21 Months Old Today

I am always so amazed at how quickly each month passes by and how big my girls get in such a short period of time.  I can't believe that my sweet and sassy little "P-Ray" is already 21 months old! She is getting so big & she of course is still so much fun!

Sweet and sassy Preslee,

- I love how much you are really trying to talk.  I feel like you are the most verbal and most advanced communicatively of your sisters.  You are trying so hard to keep up and I think you just want to be "heard."  I especially love how you will grab my phone to play with it even when I tell you "no," and then you'll bring it to me and say, "Tenk-you," even though I clearly didn't ask for it.  My favorite this month is when you reference Sawyer you say, "Dawyer."  It's become so clear and so sweet. What you seem to say the most is "Ye-yay" for "Le-lecha" {we had to call milk something different since she breastfed so long-- milk to her was breastmilk so we called it le-lecha so she wouldn't be confused as to what we were talking about}.  "Ju" is juice.  "Naa" is snack.... which you constantly want.   "I-paa" is I-pad.  "Buddy" can be in reference to your bunny or a real buddy at church... we have to look at context to figure it out.  "Bikit" is either blanket or biscuit.  "Awp me" is help me which typically means you want to help us, not that you need help. You say, "elmet" for elephant, and when you say that and point to an elephant in a book you will tuck your arms in and twist and shake a little trying to sing the elephant song, "When the elephant walks he goes clomp, clomp, clomp......" It is SOOOOO cute!
- You got your first black eye this month.  You have been loving swinging high in between your Daddy's legs.  One day I was pulling you down from your high chair and instead of you plopping you feet down like you normally do you tried to swing them up and you hit the corner of the table.  It was so loud! It scarred me so much, but after a few minutes crying you calmed down.  You bounced back in no time, but plenty of people asked what happened.  You were quick to tell people, "Mommy." Awesome.
- You have become such a good big helper with your baby sister.  You like to cover her with your blankets or get her pacifier-- even if she doesn't want one or need one. Ha!
- One thing that drives me crazy is your obsession with shoe removal in the car.  It's rather annoying to show up somewhere and go to get you out of your carseat only to discover you have removed your shoes and lots of times you socks too.  Forget that I have 3 other children to remove from the car and that we just put those on your feet....
- We have some old suitcases stacked in the living room and I can hardly keep you off of them. I think you think they are your own personal jungle gym to climb on.  You also like to climb up on the bar stools and fireplace.  I've also found you on top of the play table in the toy room.  You are turning into the little gymnast!  Speaking of gymnast, you also do a very impressive front flip on the ground.
- When we sit you on the potty you will still "tee-tee" each time, but you won't tell us when you need to go.  You tend to tell me "poopy" AFTER you've pooped your diaper and you need a change.
- You are still in size 18 month clothes, size 6 shoes, and size 3 diapers.
- I think you are about 24 pounds based on our home scale.
- You are definitely our early riser!  You tend to be the first one out of bed sometime around 6:00.  Lately you've been waking up in the middle of the night wanting Daddy to come in and calm you back to sleep.
- You are still taking about a 2 hour nap each day.  Some days it's closer to an hour and a half, but there are a few days you will sleep for 2 and a half hours.
- Again, you are our little comedian! You love to make us smile and laugh!  I love how you light up a room with your smile!  I mean, check out that picture above!  You are so pretty! I mean I really can't get enough of that cute little left dimple!

Sweet little Preslee of mine, Oh how my heart is crazy about you!  You are such a joy to be around!  You are constantly wanting to play and discover something new.  You run behind your big sisters trying to keep up and you also stop and play with your baby sister.  You are the perfect amount of silly and sweet!  I'm so thankful that the Lord picked me to be your Mommy.  Baby girl I love you more than I could ever express in words.  Thank you for being you and brightening up my world!

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