Thursday, January 7, 2016

Chantzlyn is 3 Months Old

I can't believe that my precious baby girl is already three months old!  It's so fun to be with her and watch her grow and change, but part of me is sad to see some of the newborn phase slowly go away.  She is my last baby and I treasure each little moment I get with her.  Time just seems to be whooshing right on by and not even considering my emotional state with this being my last baby.    This sweet girl has just seemed to grow so much over the last month!

Baby Chantzlyn:

- First off we went to your 2 month appointment the day after you turned 2 months old and you weighed in at 8 pounds & 13 ounces (3%) and you were 22 inches long (27%). Your head circumference was 14 & 3/4 inches (25%).   We went back to the doctor last week for another check up and you were only weighing in at 9 pounds and 14 ounces.  You are definitely my smallest little baby!
- Speaking of size you are still in newborn clothes but making your way into some 0 -3 month clothes.  You have outgrown a few newborn clothes though.  You are growing!
- Your eyes are still very blue!
- You are such a great traveler in the car.  We spent some time in the car traveling the last month to and from Abilene and to and from College Station and you were fantastic!  Slept the whole way.
- You have definitely found your smile!  You light up a room and I swoon every time you flash me one.
- You have also laughed from your belly a few times this month.  The first time I was holding you at our table and one of the teenage girls, Ryann, was sitting across the table and I felt you just start to chuckle.  It was the best thing ever!
- Unfortunately this month you got your first ear infection. You handled it like a trooper, and were able to get over it quickly thankfully.
- You got to celebrate your first Christmas, and boy did everyone love seeing you and cuddling with you.  You were the best "present" ever!
- We have had a bit of a rough go with sleeping.  Let's just say you don't take after your sisters' sleep patterns.  This month we have been all over the map.  You have not had a 7 hour stretch since before you were two months old.  You did however, get over that point of where you were laying down and wanting to eat 45 minutes later.  You have started to fall asleep after your last feeding, and you were going about 4 hours.  Then you digressed to 3 hours, and then all last week it was only about 2 and a half hours.  You had a stretch in there where it didn't matter what time I laid you down you were still up sometime between 3:00 and 4:00am.  The last few nights it's been random, but last night was the most you've slept at one time since before you were 2 months old... 5 & 1/2 hours!  Wahoo!  Still up at 4:20 with you for 30 minutes, but I'll take a 5 & 1/2 hour stretch over a 2 hour period any day of the week.
- You are pretty consistent with your eat, wake, sleep every 3 hours during the day time schedule.
- You still will put pressure down on your feet every now and then, but you seem to be completely uninterested in "standing" this month.
- You still enjoy being over the shoulder, but the last few weeks you have taken to being held in a sitting position to where you can look at what is going on in front of "me."  You have been B'journed a few times this month & you like it!
- You still haven't had a bottle, but you are breastfeeding like a champ & I'm enjoying the bonding time!
- You are still in size 1 diapers.
- Lots of times you will blow bubbles with your spit.  It's kinda silly!
- When I say "Ohhh," you like to try to copy me sometimes and make sounds with your voice.  I love it!
- Daddy still gives you a lavender bath every night while I take mine so that you will be ready to feed as soon as I get done getting ready for bed myself so we can both go down at the same time.

My darling little Chantzlyn Hope, you are such a good little baby.  You are so cuddly and love to be held.  Your little smile just lights up the room and I love it when I get a little giggle from you.  I snuck a nap in with you yesterday and I treasured each little cuddley minute.  Before falling asleep I just kept breathing you in trying to soak up the memory and let it sink it so that I can bring it back to life at any point.  You my sweet baby are so perfect!  I love you so much!  My heart is so thankful that I get to be your Mommy.  You remind me of God's love for me daily and my prayer for you little one, is that one day you will know His love for you & choose to walk in His ways.  I know He has been with you always and He always will be.  May you grow to become a passionate follower of Jesus and may He rock your world.  May His love make up where mine falls short.  You are so precious sweet one & I love you more than you'll ever know!

{I love how in the following pictures you can see how much you've grown and how much you've started to fill out over the last month.}

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