Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chantzlyn is 14 Months Old

I can't believe my little Chantlzyn-bear is already 14 months old.  Didn't she just turn one yesterday? Crazy!  Sister bear is so much fun & keeps us smiling all day long.  She is getting so big, so fast!

Sweet Chantzlyn:
- Your biggest accomplishment this month was weening.  You were a rockstar.... me not so much.  We've officially gone 6 days now.  I'm not going to lie... I really drug out the process because I was having a hard time saying goodbye to that special time that we shared together- especially knowing that you would be my last baby to nurse.  I'm so incredibly thankful to have nursed you for {almost} 14 months. I know that you were able to get the best nutrients possible and that we were able to share that unique bond.  I will always treasure those special snuggles & that gift that we were able experience together.
- On a lighter note, you are a turbo-fast crawler these days!  There is no holding you back from getting anywhere you desire.  You are on the move & working hard to keep up with your big sisters!
- You are pulling up on everything & even doing a little furniture walking.  Not big movements or lots of them, but some.  You will pull up on the fireplace & move from side to side slowly on it, or the same with the couch.  Occasionally you will try to push a chair around so you can try walking with it.  I try to help you hold onto your walker, but I don't think you like to push that as much.  I think it's a bit to quick for you at this point & it intimidates you some.
- As far as standing on your own, I have caught you twice accidentally standing without holding onto something.  Once was just for one or two seconds off the fireplace, but you quickly grabbed back on. Another time you were playing with the busy ball popper & you were standing on it to see the balls & you let go for probably a good 5 seconds before you realized what you were doing and sat down.  You looked at me with such big proud eyes and then you got scared and sat down. It was the cutest thing ever!
- You have really taken to the busy ball popper this month & really love playing with "ba's" {balls}.  It's fun to watch you have fun!
- You have started saying "Na" for "no" this month too & started using your sign language a little more {not much, but some}. You also say, "pup" for any dogs that you see-- you love them!
- Speaking of "no," you are still a doing a great job at listening.  That word will stop you dead in your tracks and you will turn to look directly at me.  You listen so attentively- it's really remarkable!
- Bath times are finally more enjoyable for you.  Last month you were finally getting over hating baths, but now I would say  you are loving them.
- You are wearing 6-9 month clothes perfectly right now and based on your growth {not much}, you may be in these for another month or so before we bust out the 12 month clothes. Shoes are still so big on you.  You haven' even sized into a size one yet... still in 0-6 or 6-12 month shoes depending on which ones... you have the tiniest little feet-- only 4 inches.
- You teethed some molars about a week and a half ago. Bless your heart.   You have the hardest time teething... I feel so bad for you.  Your big sisters did not seem to have nearly as much pain as you do. You sure do let us know when you are hurting.... you are very fussy, very snotty, not hungry, and then tend to have very loose bowels.   Basically all symptoms you tend to show.  You have 8 teeth right now, but it appears you may be getting ready to teeth 2-4 more. It's so hard to tell, because you do NOT like it when I try to look in your mouth.
- You like to pull the Christmas tree ornaments off the tree & have found the dishwasher to be quit amusing.
- You still love to swing outside & will point outside & say "Ah."  You cannot understand why we can't swing in the super cold weather we've been having.
- You are a great eater & will mostly eat whatever we put in front of you (unless you are teething and then you just don't like anything).  You especially love pumpkin bread & puffs & all other things carb. Ha!  You take after me!
- You still just have the tiniest bit of hair.  It sure is taking it's time to come in. Still super blond & still have those big blue eyes!

My precious baby girl... how is it that each month passes by so quickly?  I can't believe that we are already at this point..... completely weened & acting so big!  My heart aches with joy and love when I look at you.  You are so wonderfully made & I'm so thankful every day that I get to be your Mommy.  You are taking on new milestones weekly and trying so hard to keep up with your big sisters.  I'm so proud of all that you have accomplished so far and can't wait to see all that you will do in the future. I know that God has so many wonderful things planned for you to participate in His Kingdom work. My prayer is that you'll continue to grow big and strong and that you learn all about HIS great love for you as you fall in love with HIM.  May you know Him as Lord and choose Him all the days of your life.  I'm just so proud of you Chantzlyn Hope!  I love you more than I could ever put into words.  

Because it's not all roses and sunshine & you can see all the teeth here!


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Chantzlyn's One Year Portraits

I realized that I never shared Chantzlyn's one year pictures.  I snapped these to help set the theme of her party.  Of course I always have a hard time picking!

Love this little beauty of mine!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Preslee's Sayings

As hard as this age (2 & 1/2) can be at times, or most of the time, it's still so fun.  It's an age of discovery & learning & figuring out boundaries.  But it's also a time where language becomes understandable & yet word mix-ups happen often.

There are a few of Preslee's words that I just don't want to forget.  I want to seal them in memory forever.... but I know that I sleep & that time will pass right by me & I may just not remember these so vividly as I want to.  So, I will blog them & keep it in my virtual memory bank to store away for those days of remembering.

One of my favorite things that Preslee is saying right now is "Thank."  She just leaves the "you" off of "thank you" almost every time.  It's not a "thanks," but a very abrupt and definitive "thank."  It's super cute!

"Traffic."  This one gets me every time.  I guess she has heard us use this word and we explained it to her that cars were all around & we couldn't go by.  So, she uses the word "traffic" anytime things are "crowded."  Stuff piled in the floor: "Traffic."  Lots of people: "Traffic."  Toys in the way of the walking path: "Traffic."  Cars all around: "Traffic."  Lots of traffic in our house. Lol!  It's so cute!

"Blessed You."  This is actually Sawyer's saying, but it has transferred to Preslee & it is so cute.  Instead of saying "I sneezed," Sawyer will say, "I bless you'd."  Or instead of, "I need to sneeze," it's "I need to bless you."  Quickly transferred to Preslee... example: Instead of Preslee saying she needed to get tissue to "blow her nose," she says "I need get toy-et paper to bless you." ["I need to get some toilet paper to blow my nose."}  Lol!  It's so funny!

"Dirl:" In our house can mean "girl," or "squirrel."  Use those context clues to figure out which one! Lol!

The other day I was going to put some essential oil on the girls feet & asked them to get some socks.  Preslee says, "Mommy I "det" tocks... you put "oreo" on my feet?"  Y'all, I almost died laughing.  What she meant to say was, "Mommy if I get my socks will you put oil on my feet?" It was the cutest little thing ever. Ha!

One of my favorite things right now is that pretty much no one else is "allowed" to pray at our house except Preslee. She ALWAYS want to pray.  If we ask who wants to pray, before anyone else can say anything Preslee will start praying.  Other times we will ask someone else specifically to pray but before they can start Preslee will cut someone off & start praying or if they start praying she will loudly pray over them drowning them out.  So, pretty much every meal Preslee prays for us & the rest of us rotate through along with her. Lol!  Here is a sample prayer:  "Dod tank you our food... tank you Daddy... tank you Mommy... tank you Ne-ne... tank you Dawyer... tank you Pessee... tank you Che-in... Je-u name amen."  {Translation: "God, thank you for our food, thank you for Daddy, thank you for Mommy, thank you for Kennedie, thank you for Sawyer, thank you for Preslee, thank you Chantzlyn. In Jesus name, amen."} The prayer is of course so precious & sweet, but the humor is the fact that she is so adamant about doing it.

I love my Preslee Ray & all the fun she brings to our house.  She keeps me on my toes & is helping me really practice patience.  She makes me smile big, laugh hard, and love BIG. I love her more than I can ever say!  She is fun & the life of the party & I will treasure her forever!  {I also especially love her fake smile right now... sometime it almost looks painful, but she tries so hard & wears anything so well!}

Monday, November 7, 2016

Chantzlyn's 12 Month Stats

Weight: 18.15lbs (29%)
Length: 27 & 1/4" (1%)
Head Circumference: 18" (66%)

You can see that your appetite really picked up with month!  You went from 7% in weight up to 29%!  Yay!  Now if only we could get a good growth spurt in height! 

Chantzlyn is 13 Months Old

It seems like yesterday we were partying away celebrating the big ONE, and now that's old news & this big girl is 13 months old today.  Each month seems to sneak up on me.  I still feel like it was last week that we brought this beauty home from the hospital.  I still can't believe I'm so blessed to be her Mommy. So what does 13 months look like?.......

Chantzlyn Hope:

-This month you have really become a little speedy crawler.  It's amazing how fast those little legs can get you around!  You think it's so funny when I pretend to chase you... you will just crawl away as fast as possible & then stop to look to see if I'm still coming. It's so cute!
- Last month you started pulling up, but this month you have really started trying to move just tiny little baby steps to the left or right as you pull up on things.  Last week you pulled up on a chair and it slowly moved & you took a few steps holding onto it.  You were so proud of yourself!  You just grinned from ear to ear.
- You have SIX teeth now!  You were teething during your birthday, but those top two finally popped on out about a week after your party.  You also got the two bottom next to your middle teeth this last week. Bless your heart... teething is rough on you & you get pretty miserable during the process.
- I would say one of your biggest accomplishments this month has been learning the word "no."  You don't say it, but boy-howdy do you know what it means.  If you start to try to do something you shouldn't, I can just tell you "no," and you stop dead in your tracks and look at me.  If I keep a straight face & don't smile at you, you stop immediately and then quickly crawl to me and kind of nudge your head at me wanting me to hug you or pick you up.  It's so sweet. It's like you knew you did something you were not supposed to and you are looking for me to just snuggle you up & tell you it's okay.  Of course I'm loving the extra snuggles & I'm so proud at how well you listen.  You are such a good little baby.
- You don't put everything in your mouth anymore.  You will put some stuff in and I have to dig out fuzz or something that you've found, but sometimes you just pick it up and try to "hand it" to someone or just look at it and move it away.
- You have really upped your ante in your eating game this month. I would say you are eating just as much and sometimes more than your sisters.  You are LOVING food this month. Ha! You eat pretty much anything we put in front of you.  Sometimes you'll go through 3 bowls of oatmeal or 3 bowls of soup.  Sometimes we wonder if you'll stop.  Lol!  I love that you have found your appetite. You may end up being a foodie like your mommy!
- Speaking of eating, you have started drinking whole milk this month, and we are still in the process of weaning.  You are down to 3 feedings a day.  Your Daddy makes fun of me because he says I'm dragging it out.  He knows how hard it will be for me to say goodbye to this special time that we've had together.  You will be my last baby to nurse & part of me is having a hard time saying "goodbye" to that part of my life.
- You will try to say "puuu" for "Puffs."  You love, love, love to snack on those puffs.  That's about the only new word you have tried to say this month. You understand so much, but you really are not wanting to try to talk or do sign language.
- You totally know your name.  If I say "Chantlzyn" or "Chantlzyn Hope," or "Chantz" you will come "running." {Not really running... just pitter pattering crawling as fast as you can!}  It's so cute!
-You still love being outside & especially swinging.  It's so cute!
- You are wearing size 6-9 month clothes & size 3 diapers.
- You love your sisters so much {and they love you so much} and that makes my heart so happy.  You want to be right in the middle of all their action and they are for sure the ones who get the most giggles out of you.
- You love to stand at the screen door and look out at the action.  It's so cute!
- You have also started to sleep with your bear that you got at our court hearing to make your adoption final.  One night I came in and you had him snuggled under one of your arms... it was so sweet.

Sweet Chantlzyn, I can't believe another month has passed. I feel so blessed to be your Mommy.  You are so sweet and so loving and you truly captivate my heart more than you'll ever know.  Your smile is to die for & those big blue eyes could melt any heart.  You bring so much joy to our lives.  My prayers is that sweet spirit of yours will continue to grow and stay pure.  I pray that you grow to love the Lord and choose Him every day of your life.  That you will be confident and joyful in who God created you to be.  Sweet daughter of mine, I treasure every sweet snuggle & open mouth kiss that you give and I love you more than I could ever put into words.  

Saturday, October 22, 2016

School Pictures (K & S)

So .... this year was not my finest as far as preparing the girls for their school pictures.  I had a few "mom fails," but no big deal.

I completely forgot about Kennedie's school pictures, which isn't too big of a deal because she wears a uniform-- but I seriously just pulled her hair back in a messy ponytail that morning. Ha!

As far as Sawyer is concerned, I had no idea it was picture day at all. Apparently the school had my wrong email address down and only Lantz was receiving notification, so I had no clue.  Lol!  Again, I would have done something different with Sawyer's hair & NOT put her in play clothes, but oh well... whatcha gonna do?

Both my girls look SO incredibly beautiful! They have their big smiles on & I'm just so proud of both of them!

Here are the 2016 school pictures:

I completely snagged these off the website, because I'm not one for ordering school pictures, so K's is crazy blurry as opposed to last year, I just pulled it off & it was clear... but at least you get the idea. :) 

Here is it when Lantz took a picture with his phone:

Friday, October 7, 2016

Chantzlyn is ONE!!!!

Holy cow!  Did I really just write that?  My last teeny-weeny baby is one year old today?  I truly can't even believe it's possible... it feels like yesterday we were at the hospital waiting to meet our 4th bundle of joy and I had to have just blinked and today is now here!  My oh my how quickly it all goes!  This was another big month for our sweet girl!

Precious ONE year old sweet pea:
- Last month you started crawling, but this month you have mastered it!   You are so fast & you think it's so funny to just try to crawl as fast as you can away from me.  I love that you love being mobile.  It's so cute to try to watch you keep up with your sisters.
- This month you started pulling up!!!!  Just earlier this week I walked into your room and you were standing up all on your own.... which means you pulled yourself up all on your own!  I'm so proud of you!  You especially like to pull up on the outside of the bath tub and take a peek in. You have not started moving yourself, just standing up for now. Yay!
- You have really started trying to talk this month!  It's so cute how you try to copy sounds.  Some words you try to copy: "ba" (ball), "pu" (puff), "bu" (bow), "hi" (hi), "poo" (poop), "pud" (pumpkin), "wa" (one {while holding up one little finger}).  Maybe more, but that's all I can think of right now.  You are also doing a lot of jibber-jabbering just to let us know you are there.  You aren't really catching onto much sign language.  Every now and then you will try to sign "done," after copying me... it looks more like a single wave right now though.
- You currently are teething.  Those top two middle teeth are trying so hard to make an appearance, and you are pretty miserable for it (hence the half smiling picture above).  I'm hoping they just go ahead and come out today so you are feeling more cheerful for your party tomorrow. Poor girl.
- You are wearing 3-6 month clothes, but they are starting to get tighter.  I'm going to need to get down those 6-9 month clothes this week for sure. I also bumped you to the size 3 diaper this week since the size 2s were starting to get a little tight.
- You have gotten picky about eating.  You are not wanting to eat your "baby food" much anymore.  Even if you like it, you are wanting something you can pick up and feed yourself.  You really just want to eat what we are eating.  This month you really took to green beans you could feed yourself, mommies smoothie in the morning, and best of all - you devoured the pumpkin bread I put in front of you.  You aren't really caring much for scrambled eggs any more either.
-Speaking of eating, you dropped down to 4 breastfeedings a day this month.  You have been getting very impatient the last week or so.  You do NOT like waiting for my milk to drop.  You start screaming when it doesn't fall fast enough for you and I have to switch sides sometimes a couple of times just to try to keep you sucking so it can fall. I try to relax, but you make me antsy because I know you are getting frustrated.  Sweet thing. We'll be starting the weening process soon I think.
- Your hair seems to be slowly coming in and it appears to be really, really blond still.
- As far as napping, you take one really big nap for 2 & 1/2 to 3 hours mid morning to early afternoon and sometimes go down for a second 30 minute nap in the early evening.   You go down for bed about 7:00 and are typically up about 6:30 the next morning.
-You love, love, love to be outside & you love to swing.  You are just so content being pushed back and forth in the swing outside.
-Last week you went to the nursery for the first time during the sermon.  Normally I would breastfeed you in the nursing mothers room & then bring you back in the auditorium with me, but now you are just too wiggly and fussy to sit still that long.
- You have really started to play with toys and be entertained by them more and more.  It's so cute to watch you explore and discover!

My sweet little baby girl, I can't believe that today your are ONE. I am so incredibly proud of you and all that you have accomplished, but part of me is sad to say goodbye to the precious little baby stage that you are leaving. You are so gentle and so loving and I'm so blessed to be able to call you my daughter. Every day you make me smile.  You are a joy and I can't imagine my life without you. I thank my God every day that He picked me to be your Mommy. My prayers is that as you continue to grow you will live into your name... that you will help bring the Hope of Jesus to this broken world.   You are more than I could ever ask for or imagine.  I get to help raise you and love you here on this earth, but ultimately you are HIS precious daughter and I hope every day to point you closer to HIM. I love you so much Chantzlyn Hope... more than I could ever articulate in words or show you.  May you always know that I love you now and forever more! 

Here is a little walk down memory lane- pictures from one year ago today:

(If you missed Chantzlyn's birth & adoption story you can click HERE to go back and read it. Also, photo credit of the above pictures goes to the very talented Micah Schmidt of Double Knot Photography. If you are in the Abilene area please contact her for all your photography needs. She is amazingly talented and has a true gift from God. She is wonderful & I couldn't imagine her not being apart of our adoption story.)

Here are a few pictures from this past month:

Standing in her crib the first time (she was mad because I ran to grab the camera instead of pick her up- ha!

And in case you are interested, here's a sneak peek at her one year pictures and a little look into her party theme: