Saturday, February 28, 2015

Student of the Week & Sweet Sisters

Kennedie got student of the week at school and was honored in chapel.  We all went up to celebrate with her & watch her receive her award.  Unfortunately they called her name first out of all the grades and she got a little scared to go up on stage by herself. I escorted her up on stage because she was crying-- I think she was pretty embarrassed.  Afterwards she was so happy & proud of herself.  We snagged a picture with her awesome teachers too!:

And because sometimes you just need to wear your cowboy boots with your Frozen pajama dress:

Love these sweet girls & love how they love each other:

New Year's Eve 2014

This last New Year's Eve, Lantz went skiing with some families from the youth group while the girls and I stayed home and held down the fort.  We were so blessed that Binky (Lantz's mom) came to stay with us for a few days so that I had some help with the girls.  

Unfortunately Lantz & the ski crew had some bus troubles, but thankfully they were able to figure it out & get in their 3 days of skiing-- even if it brought them home a day later:

Here are some pictures of the girls on New Years Eve.  They not only made gingerbread men with Binky-- they also made lots of fun memories:

And that's how we rolled in 2015!

Christmas with Papa & Nana 2014

Well... let's finally finish up Christmas posts from 2014 before March arrives!  Ha!  The day after Christmas we headed up to Bonham to celebrate Christmas with Papa & Nana (Lantz's dad & step mom), & also Mike, Kristal, & the kids.  I unfortunately left my camera at home, which meant I had to rely on Lantz to snag pictures with his phone.  Frantz had a brisket smoked and it was YUMMY!  We chowed down, enjoyed the day together, and then exchanged presents.  Here are the few pictures that Lantz took:

All in all it was such a fun day!  We are so blessed to have such sweet family that love us and our girls so much!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Preslee is 10 Months Old Today

It just seems crazy to write about how my *baby* is 10 months old today.  Such a crazy ice day outside, but all warm inside with my little Ray of sunshine!  This girl is getting so big & so fun!  Here is a little bit about my little bit:

My Little Snaggle Tooth girl-
- You are just going and going and going this month!  Nothing is going to hold you back.  You are still crawling everywhere (and crazy fast might I add), but now you are furniture cruising and will even push your little play toy around like a walker.  Slow down sister!  I'm not ready for you to be walking yet!
- You are still putting EVERYTHING in your mouth! It's a constant watch here at the Howard house to make sure you don't get anything and stick it right inside your mouth.
- This month you got three top teeth to add to your one little snuggle tooth.  What a beautiful smile you have!
- You are still breastfeeding 5 times a day & adding in plenty of solids now.  You seem to be trying new food every day.  All you want to do is eat whatever the rest of us are eating.  You tend to fuss until I smash something up (or chew it up) and give you a little taste... and then that's all you want to eat from that point on.
- You are still wearing 9-12 month clothes & we are still fitting your foot into your size 2 shoes.
- This month you have really started trying to play with your sisters.  Whatever they are doing, you want to be right there doing the same thing.
- We have actually started letting big sister Kennedie hold you & walk around with you a bit this month because you seem big enough to handle all the crazy now.
- This month you learned your first Bible verse (kinda).  Every night we read a Bible story with you and your sisters and then after we practice saying a Bible verse with hand motions.  This month's verse is, "How wide, and long, and high, and deep is the love of Christ."- Ephesians 3:18.  We say it while raising our hands in different directions depending on the word.  Well, you being the cutest thing ever figured it all out.  You will raise your hands and lower it and "say" {"Ahhhhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhhhhh"} it while we all say it.  It is the BEST thing ever!
-You do not like the vacuum cleaner.  It scares you.
- You got Roseola this month.  It was pretty scary because your temperature got up really high.  Thankfully you were okay.
- You still LOVE the bath tub & water.  And by water, I mean any water.... including the potty water if your sisters leave the door open and the top lid up. Gross.
- You are so cute when we sing or you hear music.  You will just smile and bounce up and down.  It is adorable!
- You have finally starting giving open mouth kisses!  This is my favorite thing EVER & I'm so glad you are at this point.  I will treasure these days for as long as they last.  I know I will blink my eyes & you'll figure out how to give a kiss the "right" way.

Sweet baby girl, I just can't believe how big you are getting. You are so full of life and so sweet.  You are such a happy baby & always so easy.  Your smile lights up a room & your little kisses are too much to handle.  I am so blessed to be your Mommy.  You make me so happy and I love you so much... more than I could ever express in words.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sawyer is 3

I can't believe that my precious Sawyer Sue turned 3 years old yesterday!  Whoa!  Where does the time go??

I started doing this little interview with Kennedie when she turned three, so I only thought it fitting to start doing an interview with Sawyer each year to see how her answers change over time.  Here are the questions and answers that she provided:

-How old are you?   3
-What makes you happy?  Friends & Aubrie
-What is your favorite animal? puppy dogs
-What is your favorite thing to eat? Candy, chocolate milk, potatoes, & cheese
-What is your favorite thing to do? Swimming 
-What is your favorite TV show? "Super Why" & "Peppa Pig"
- What are you really good at?   Being important
What is your favorite movie?  Mary Poppins
-What is your favorite color?  Pink
What is your favorite song?  "Let it Go"
Who is your best friend? Ne-Ne
What do you and Mommy do together?   Play babies
-What do you and  Daddy do together?  Play "Get me monster"
What is your favorite sport? "Dolf"  (aka: "golf"
Where is your favorite place to go?   "Chik-a-lay"  (aka: "Chick-fil-a)
What is your favorite book?   "Going on a Bear Hunt"
- What do you want to be when you grow up? To the gym
What is your favorite Bible verse? "How wide, and long, and high, and deep is the love of Christ" Ephesians 3:18  
What is your favorite toy?   Baby doll

About Sawyer from Mommy's perspective:

- You are so funny and definitely have your own personality and style.  You know what you like and don't care what others think.
- You have started to enjoy books and tv more over the last few months than you ever have.  Your attention span for both are still pretty short, but you have definitely gained some interest.
- You LOVE your Daddy!  You are 100% a Daddy's girl!  If you ever want or need anything you will ALWAYS call your Daddy's name before Mommy.  You get so excited to see him every day when he gets off work.  He is definitely your main squeeze!
- You are a little Mommy.  You love to play with your baby dolls.  It's so sweet to watch you rock them and push them in the stroller and give them a bottle. It's especially precious to hear you sing, "Jesus Loves Me" to your babies.
- You are a great sister.  You are so sweet with "Pess-ee" & you love playing whatever "Ne-Ne"wants to.  They are so blessed to have you as their sister.
- When we play hide-and-go seek if someone is having a hard time finding the person hiding we say "Cock-a-doodle-do" but when you say it, it sounds like "Oct-a-doo-da-doo"
- You absolutely love to play outside.  You especially love to swing.
- You are a pretty tall girl.  You are the tallest one in your Bible class.  You are wearing 3t clothing and size 8 & 1/2 shoes (soon to be 9, I think).
- You are 100% potty trained and have been for awhile.  You were super easy to potty train, and for that I am so grateful.  You still wear a pull-up at night just in case you have an accident, but you tend to wake up dry 99% of the time.
-You still take about a 2 hour nap every day. You tend to wake up sometime between 7:00 and 7:30 and you go to bed sometime between 8:00-9:00.
-You really like the book "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" and so that was the inspiration for your party theme this year.
- You really like the movies Frozen and Mary Poppins.
- You are a great eater and will pretty much eat anything that we put in front of you.  You especially love broccoli, but at heart you have a sweet tooth and are a sucker for anything with sugar. :)
- You really love going to Chick-fil-a to eat and also to play.
- You don't really understand the concept of cleaning yet.  If we ask you to pick up or clean up, you get very distracted and start playing.  We have to give you very specific directions and keep you on task the whole time or nothing will get cleaned up. You especially love to drag the toys out of the toy room and leave them laying all over the house... your favorite place to leave them and Mommy's least favorite place to find them is in the kitchen. :)
- You will pray by yourself sometimes, but most of the time you still want us to help you find the words.
- You love going to Bible class to learn new things and see all your "buddies."
- You love when we go to the library for Music & Movement.  Your favorite song to sing there is "Hello Friends."
- You love for your Daddy to chase you around the house. You'll scream, "Get me monster!"
- Sometimes when you are being silly you will cock your body side-ways and bend at the knees and kind bounce/shake your hiney and say, "My hiney-bo" in a very loud voice.  It's so silly!
- You are gentle by nature and pretty laid back, but when you get mad, you have a bit of a temper on you.
- You love- I mean LOVE- your "spinny" dresses!! Every night you really want to wear a nightgown to bed-- you call them your "spinny" dresses.  You also love to wear normal dresses and they sometimes get allowed the "spinny" dress title. I love this about you!
- When your sister picked out Frozen house shoes, you picked out the Cars ones.  Even though you have never seen the movie Cars- you definitely knew you wanted the Cars shoes.  So cute!
- When we tell you to smile, you will still close your eyes and give me the biggest cheese  grin with your teeth gritted together.  I LOVE it so much!

My precious, Sawyer Sue, words simply can't do justice on how my heart hurts with love for you.  You are so gentle and loving.  You have your own way about you that just makes me smile.  You are silly and fun loving.  You are nurturing and sensitive.  You are a great sharer. You are independent.  You like what you like without a rhyme or reason sometimes.  I am so grateful that I get to be your Mommy.  You are such a ray of sunshine in my life.  I love being with you.  I love holding you and I love those rare moments when you want me instead of your Daddy.  It's so endearing to see you love your Daddy so much, but every now and then it melts my heart when you actually call for me or want me to cuddle you.  You are so special to me because I feel like I got a second chance with you.  I almost lost you last April, and my heart is just so full of gratitude that the Lord showed us mercy and grace and let us have you for longer.  You have my heart in so many ways that you don't even know.  My greatest prayer for you is that you will one day choose to proclaim "Jesus is Lord" and put Him on in baptism.  I pray that you will love Jesus so deeply that your whole life is a reflection of His great love and that you will bring others to know the Father and serve Him.  I pray you choose Him above everything and that you walk in His grace but also in His commandments... that you are confident in who He has created you to be.  I pray that you will not be shy or timid about sharing the Gospel with others, but long to share the good news about everything! I know that as much as I love you the Lord loves you even more and that He will guide your steps.  I am so incredibly grateful that you are my daughter.  I love you so much sweet girl. Happy 3rd birthday!